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Ken B 
Been using my NN3 Mkll for almost 10 years. Still works great. Added a few carbon fiber poles, 20ft and travel versions over time. While tempted by drone tech, the poles cover 99% of my community pano shooting needs. Great products. Thanks.
NN3 carbon fiber poles
Sounds like such a cool device! Although I love the NN3 setup I use now, the Mecha, once I dial in a couple of the presets, will make setup & shooting so much smoother, faster. I might take a few more panos that I would have bypassed before just because I was too lazy to go through the setup. Have I mentioned, SO cool?! - mb
Mecha NN3 F9905-2
Terry A 
Still have my sph2 but use my NN3 M2 now, I wrote to Nick about automation back when I first had it, but he had far too much on his plate, developing the Nodal Ninja systems we know today. Good to see that he has managed to follow through, and incorporate automation into his systems. - Terry A
I know about Nodal Ninja since 2007 when I was interested in purchasing NN3 and also I know Mr. Bill Bailey from panoramic forum (that site is no longer on-line)... All I can say is: great product! Keep up! - eugen360
I've been a Nodal Ninja customer for, I think, about 12 years. I can't begin to imagine how many panoramas I have taken with, firstly, my NN3, then my R1 and, more recently, my NN6. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the NN robots as I am sure they are as well designed and made as the rest of the Nodal Ninja range. - bridevalley
NN3 NN6 R1
Use my NN3 from 2007 and NN5 from 2010. 130 museums, 70 theatres, 30 churches, hundreds of another objects shooted with NN. I'm very satisfied! - Livepano
Christian M 
I use the NN3 Mk2 with my D850 and the 20mm F1.8 or the 8-15 3.5-4.5 at 12mm and get great results - Thank you guys from NodalNinja for such good hardware. - Christian M
Jack S. Singapore 
NN3 MK3 + Nadir Adapter w/ Lower Rotator D10 Pkg (F3321) - Dear Jason, Just to let you know I recently did my first pano since receiving the product. It works fantastic and easy to use. Love it and will look forward to create more wonderful panos in future. Regards - Jack S. Singapore
NN3 MK3 D10
Rehmatullah N. 
panosociety.com NN3 MK3 - Excellent product! It's an excellent product. The delivery was on time and really happy for extra dent ring because I had ordered a wrong stops dent ring with my purchase. - Rehmatullah N.
I've just ordered the NN6 and RD10 rotator with the hope that the motorised system becomes available this year :) my NN3 has been heavily abused over the years but still working well lol - Anonimous
NN3 NN6 RD10
Dave M. 
5 Stars - The M2 Giga is an excellent pano head for heavy cameras and larger telephotos. I bought it to shoot cylindrical and flat panos using focal lengths beginning at 35mm. When you mount a lens around 100mm or more, the features of the M2 really begin to stand out, including that it’s rock solid. For instance, with a 200mm lens mounted on a full frame Canon, I elevate 7.5 degrees and rotate 5 degrees, moves that are positive and easy with this head. I think the M2 is faster and easier to use than a robotic head, but I’m assuming the photog in question already has pano experience. For example, to shoot a flat pano that covers, say 120 degrees FOV, looking at the viewfinder, I figure out what exposure I should use by moving to different parts of the scene to double check my exposure estimations (easy and fast with a manual head). I then move the camera to the left, right, top, and bottom to figure out what the limits are for this picture–moves that are also fast and direct with a manual head. After focusing, depending on the DOF of the lens that’s being used, I set the scale on the rotator to 0 for left-most rotator position (this is a great feature of the M2 head). That way I only have to remember one number at my far-right stop point. Depending on the pano head you’re currently using, you may have to convert the A and B distances for this head, since the scales don’t start at 0, as they do with the NN3 or NN5. Here’s a specific example that might help. On a NN5, the correct settings for a Canon 5DS with a 24-105 lens at 105 would be: A = 58, B = 66.5. The values for the same camera and lens on the M2 Giga would be A = 128, B = 96.5. For my setup, I add 70 to convert A from NN5 to M2 Giga and add 30 to the NN5 B distance for the M2 setting (I have the upper rail of the M2 starting at the 30mm mark on the scale). Here’s an example of a 1.5 gigapixel pano taken with this head, Canon 5DS, 200mm. The panorama will auto play for a bit over 3 minutes. Furthermore, this was shot on a cloudy winter day–the subject is the new arena where the Detroit Red Wings & Pistons play and downtown Detroit. I don’t work for Nodal Ninja and would not recommend anything if I didn’t think it was good, even if I had been foolish enough to buy it. http://bigdogpanos.com/html/mtroof013018B-10.html Here’s another auto play but taken with a 105mm: http://themasonic.com/evgal_arena.php - Dave M.
NN3 pano head NN5 M2 Giga
4 Stars - NN3 MKII - Good fort production to tryptan pano Pano for bridge camera - By Serge VERIFIED BUYER
5 Stars - Nodal Ninja 3 a Superb Kit By Troy VERIFIED BUYER What a superb kit. I use the NN3 MKII with an old Sigma DP1s (circa 5 mpix) to stitch together moderate to ultra-wide fields and increase megapixel depth for higher resolution. I typically end up with 15 to 30 megapixel stitches sorted out in a minute or two with the NN3 and DP1 (and this after ruthless cropping later). The notch settings on the pano guide allow me to preset the next stitch while the (slow) camera loads the RAW image to memory without me looking through the LCD. 10 to 30 frame stitches (and I'm sure more but I don't need larger) are really fast and easy, which is helpful if you're doing landscapes with quickly moving clouds. The build quality of the NN3 is flawless, break down and set up quick and easy. It's super light and a great match for the tiny DP1, a Hakuba carbon tripod, and a small Joby ball head. I leave the vertical assembly attached to the camera and pack it in my tiny camera bag. I leave the horizontal assembly on the tripod and ball head and pack the lot in the tripod bag. In practice, I haven't even noticed the weight difference. I'm totally happy. - By Troy VERIFIED BUYER
mohamad e. 
5 Stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series - it is good for panorama 360x360 with ninja n4. - mohamad e.
Nadir Adapter NN3 NN4 NN5
5 Stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series - Best brand on panoramic hardware. - Anonimous
Nadir Adapter NN3 NN4 NN5
5 Stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series - Excelent - SANTIAGO S.
Nadir Adapter NN3 NN4 NN5
Alan McC. 
3 Stars NN3 MKII - NOT GOOD!!! I put my least-expensive [7D Mark II] on the Nodal Ninja for less than a minute, didn't like how it wobbled around even after tightening, and gave it to a "friend." I have no patience for rickety-crud that forces me to remove my Cotton Carrier protection systerm, and slaps on a wobbly cork-lined plate, when I'm afraid $2,000+ gear is going to crash onto the ground! It almost fell to the ground, and I had NO strap on it!! I would recommend you avoid this product, unless you like pain, and want to watch your camera "eat it" lens-first. I've done that BEFORE, and nothing, but nothing is going to make me make that mistake again!! This is not goot hardware!!! Alan McC.

Admin note: whoa - this looks to be merely a tightening issue. It sounds as if the lower rotator wasn't tightened. Straight out of the box use will take a few seconds to properly set things up. The NN3 does not wobble and certainly not rickety. Also too once the anti-twist camera plate mounts to camera with 1/4 thread (same as any camera plate). This allows you to mount directly onto the NN3 using a 1/4 thread mounting knob. The 1/4 thread mounting system is most common with tripod heads and "firmly" secures camera to the NN. Here again you just need to tighten things up as you would with any camera mounting system. Just giving it to a friend after 1 minute of use rather than contacting us for quick resolve or returning for refund (which you never oped for) I am not sure is worthy of 3 star rating.

Geoffrey G.  → NN3 MKII Starter Package
5 Stars - NN3 MKII - Great small panoramic head. I'm using this with a micro 4/3 Panasonic gx8 and a 7.5mm fisheye to shoot equirectangular images, so far it's been the perfect lightweight setup for my needs. Saves me a ton of time stitching images now that they are lined up so well. Solid build quality, easy to use. If you're looking to use a full frame dslr or larger glass, I'd probably move up to a bigger Nodal Ninja head. For an easily portable solution, this works awesome. 
P. Larson 
5 Stars - NN3 MKII - Arrived quickly. Worked as described. Very happy with my purchase. P. Larson
Yafei L. 
5 Stars - NN3 MKII - I like it. Yafei L.
Chris V.  → NN3 MKII Starter Package
5 Stars NN3 MKII - Great pano head. Worth every penny! I tried creating my own pano head, but the amount of work and lack of features wasn't worth the effort. This really improved my panoramic and equirectangular photos in both quality and efficiency. It takes me so much less time to take a set of pictures for a scene, which is important for equirectangular because you don't want the sun to move to much while taking pictures of a scene and change the lighting. This can cause stitching problems in post processing. Overall definitely worth the money! 
4 Stars - I have only had the NN3 for a couple of months and have taken around 25 panoramas. It will get a great deal more use next month. What I have found to date is that it easily supports the cameras and lenses with which I have used it. (Nikon D200/D7200 and Nikon 18>200 zoom and Samyang 16mm wide angle). All combinations are steady with no creep. In use, the NN is easily set up and leveled. Determining the correct postion for the particular body/lens combination to avoid parallax errors is not difficult. However, using several lens/body combinations does result in a lot of book keeping to record and return to the exact settings required for each combination. I haven't found a system that I am happy with as yet. To date I have not made any multirow panos, only camera vertically oriented, single rows. (the computer I take with me to the field is pretty lame, so the time to align and stitch multirows tends to get out of hand) One benefit to the precision of the NN is that the process of finding control points and stitching is much faster with the more exact angles and overlaps; at least as compared to hand-held series. Caveats. You really do need a steady tripod. The NN is solidly constructed, but it is still a series of cantilevers with a significant weight (the camera) at the end. Particularly for nightime long exposures, I find myself shortening the tripod legs and sitting on a stool behind the tripod. A stone bag or other tripod steading device helps as well. I'll update this review in 6-8 weeks when I should have more experience using the NN in a variety of panos, including multirow. I'll also be trying it with longer focal length lenses. I have no plans to shoot any full spherical panos, so someone else will have to attest to the NN in that respect.

Admin Note: The NN3 MKII is designed for smaller cameras (point and shoot, micro four thirds) and some smaller DSLR's, Suggest focal lengths should not exceed 50mm

Evgenij C. 
5 stars - NN3 MKII Alles perfekt. Alles schnell und unkompliziert. Evgenij C.
5 stars - NN3 MKII Bin Hobbyfotografien und Einsteiger in die Panoramafotografie und wollte nicht gleich Hunderte ausgeben. Dieser Kopf ist ein sehr gute Alternative. Leichtes Gepنck, lنsst sich gut bedienen und für mich ist das Preis-Leistungsverhنltnis mehr als ok. Ich kann es nur empfehlen. Karen


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