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NN3 MKII Starter Package

NN3 MKII Starter Package
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For Real Estate photographers,
hobbyists, hikers and travelers
Small and compact
Easy to carry and stow
For single row
and even multi-row
For point and shoot camera
or smaller DSLR's

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NN3 MKII Starter Package: Factory Irregular

Price: $99.95Save $30.00

  • SKU: F3500X
  • Weight: 1lb 1oz (475 grams)
  • UPC Code: 641378089756

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Complete Manual – Nodal Ninja 3 MKII 
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Factory Irregular:
During production there are occasional paint coating flaws on some finishes which may show signs of irregularity. The manufacturer deems these items as Factory Irregular (FIR), places a stamp on the product and reduces price.
ALL FIR's, units come with same parts as if buying new and carry FULL 5 year warranty.

The "standard" rotator uses reversible brass detent rings that give the sound and feel of click stops. Having these different click stops allows the user to select how many degrees of rotation between shots. Available detent rings include 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 18, 20, & 24 stops. NN3-MKII has won the Editor's Choice Award, Gold Award, Pixelmania Award, 5 out of 5 ratings from Chasseur d'Images and Applelinks.

This model is best suited for those on the go, a popular choice for Real Estate photographers, hobbyists, hikers and travelers alike. Use for single row and even multi-row. Produce stunning super high resolution panoramas with your point and shoot camera or smaller DSLR's. You can also mount your camera in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation.


  • Size - very small and compact making it easy to carry and stow (see specifications).
  • Weight: 1lb 1oz (475 grams).
  • FULL rotation up and down and all-around.
  • Fits almost all point and shoot cameras from ultra compact to compact and many smaller DSLR's using smaller lenses.
  • NEW Lower rotator design on NN3 MKII, enhancements include: new tension knob without inner lock screw, tension is easily adjusted by simply tightening the knob.
  • Ball bearing detent plunger is incorporated in the MKII rotator for smooth rotation and click stops.
  • New precision click ball replaces detent pin. This allows for a more positive feel and decreased wear.
  • New precision CNC machined detent rings for better precision.
  • Improved detent ring retention mechanism for easy change of detent ring.
  • New rubberized metal knurled knobs. This not only allows for better gripping but also creates a better feel and enhanced look.
  • Reversible detent rings offer click stops at varying degrees.
  • Made to higher precision tolerances than earlier models.
  • One knob adjustable resistance for horizontal panning.

Starter Package includes:

  • Nodal Ninja 3 MKII pano head with standard detent ring rotator.
  • 2 ea thick neoprene protective pouches
  • 2nd generation Camera Mounting Plate (CP-CP2)
  • Detent Rings: 15/0, 45/60.
  • 3 ea Metal Rail Stops
  • Hex Key + Misc parts.

Note: The 16-35mm Nikkor lens is not compatible with both the NN3 and NN4 series pano heads.
The Canon EF 8-15mm is very long for a fisheye and may require use of T-30-III T-adapter which gives a bit of added adjustment length.

Geoffrey G. 
5 Stars - NN3 MKII - Great small panoramic head. I'm using this with a micro 4/3 Panasonic gx8 and a 7.5mm fisheye to shoot equirectangular images, so far it's been the perfect lightweight setup for my needs. Saves me a ton of time stitching images now that they are lined up so well. Solid build quality, easy to use. If you're looking to use a full frame dslr or larger glass, I'd probably move up to a bigger Nodal Ninja head. For an easily portable solution, this works awesome. 
Chris V. 
5 Stars NN3 MKII - Great pano head. Worth every penny! I tried creating my own pano head, but the amount of work and lack of features wasn't worth the effort. This really improved my panoramic and equirectangular photos in both quality and efficiency. It takes me so much less time to take a set of pictures for a scene, which is important for equirectangular because you don't want the sun to move to much while taking pictures of a scene and change the lighting. This can cause stitching problems in post processing. Overall definitely worth the money! 

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