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Nadir Adapter for NN3/4/5

Nadir Adapter for NN3/4/5
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Nadir Adapter for NN3/4/5

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  • SKU: F9125
  • UPC Code: 689466312164

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QRG – Nadir Adapter for NN3, NN4, and NN5 

For use with NN3, 4 and 5 series pano heads - easy to setup and use. First attach to lower end of vertical rail then attach to lower rail using the standard vertical rail mounting knob. After you shoot your sequence of shots and ready to shoot the nadir (down shot) simply loosen the Nadir Adapter using locking lever and rotate the vertical rail 180 degrees then tighten. It is good to use a reference point on the ground as you will need to move the tripod assembly slightly so the lens is pointed directly over the original point of rotation. The Nadir Adapter is a must have for anyone shooting an unobstructed down shot, especially important if shooting HDR.

Customer Tutorials:

How to use Nadir Adapter - credits go to Zepedro (Portuguese)

Réaliser une photo panoramique 360° - credits go to Eric Lopez Photographie (French)

Donovan L. USA 
A must have accessories. This small accessory makes nadir point patching so easy and precise. I can now easily patch the nadir point precisely even with very complex nadir point (ex: textured carpet, tapes).
Recommend Product: Nadir Adapter for NN3 NN4 NN5 (F9125) Posted By:Vladimir - Great equipment! Higher precision manufacturing!
Mario Carvajal 
Excelente producto! Product: Nadir Adapter for NN3 NN4 NN5 (F9125) Posted By: Mario Carvajal - Funciona perfectamente, es una gran soluciَn cuando necesitas realizar una fotografيa para el nadir en interiores, donde tomar la foto "a pulso" es un gran problema, por los tiempos tan largos de exposiciَn. Este pequeٌo producto garantiza la misma exposiciَn para el nadir que para el resto de fotografيas, lo que permite un ensamble perfecto de la panorلmica final. Quien compre el NN3 o el NN4 deberيa comprar este adaptador, si quiere hacer fotografيa esférica.

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