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Jack S. Singapore 
NN3 MK3 + Nadir Adapter w/ Lower Rotator D10 Pkg (F3321) - Dear Jason, Just to let you know I recently did my first pano since receiving the product. It works fantastic and easy to use. Love it and will look forward to create more wonderful panos in future. Regards - Jack S. Singapore
NN3 MK3 D10
I've just ordered the NN6 and RD10 rotator with the hope that the motorised system becomes available this year :) my NN3 has been heavily abused over the years but still working well lol - Anonimous
NN3 NN6 RD10
Charlie B. Vernon, CT 
Thanks for the followup Bill. Set up the NN and calibrated it for my Nikon D100 without mishap. A real rarity for me! My very first shots were almost perfect -- just had to reposition the camera on the upper arm to place the nodal point a little closer to that arm's pivot point. After that: 100%! Great product and reasonably priced for the quality! - Charlie B. Vernon, CT
John C. Bellevue, Washington 
I am using a Sigma SD10 -- without the external power pack/battery holder -- and the head works with that body and my 50mm/2.8 EX Macro lens, as well as the 18-50 and 55-200 kit lenses. The Nodal Ninja is easily capable of supporting this camera and a reasonable lens, and with the offset adapter can be used to hold the camera horizontally or vertically. Multi - row panoramas (why I bought the head) will be no problem.....I think your product rocks! Sincerely, John C. Bellevue, Washington

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