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Wayne J 
I have had many many hours of fun with my NN6 I seem to be obsessed with using it, hasn't been off my tripod since December. - Wayne J
I've been a Nodal Ninja customer for, I think, about 12 years. I can't begin to imagine how many panoramas I have taken with, firstly, my NN3, then my R1 and, more recently, my NN6. I'm really looking forward to getting to know the NN robots as I am sure they are as well designed and made as the rest of the Nodal Ninja range. - bridevalley
NN3 NN6 R1
Les M 
I learned my lesson after buying a cheap pano heap. Now the proud owner of an R10, R1 adjustable tilt and NN6. Now only ever buy NN products. - Les M
NN6 R1 R10
Stephan N. 
I'd like to express my greatest thanks to the staff of Nodal Ninja! Today my friend brought the NN6 from the U.S. to Bogotل/Colombia. It's really a nice tool - but your service was awesome! The parcel arrived just in time without any delay. Best regards - Stephan N.
FB Germany 
Hi, just received the NN6 and must say... I'M PRETTY IMPRESSED!!! what a step since NN5 !!! - FB Germany
Robert R. 
Just thought I would tell you how much I like the NN6. I switched camera and lens, and now use a Lumix G9 with an Olympus M. Zuiko Pro 8mm f/1.8 Diagonal Fisheye. The NN6 worked perfectly with my Nikon D810 and Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Diagonal Fisheye, but the Lumix/Olympus MFT kit gives me great quality at a huge savings in weight, with an articulating screen that lets me check at a glance that my feet are not in the picture! I am creating Little Planets from three rows, 6 pictures per row. Please take a quick look at one of my latest: {link}. My 2016 Hidden Trails printed to 40”x40” metal sold for top dollar at auction in April for the benefit of the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery {link}. I now have a studio at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery for production and display of more Little Planets. I have just placed an order for an EZ-Leveler II, and look forward to integrating it into my work flow. When in the field, 10 minutes saved on a shot is a big deal, and gives me incentive to capture an extra set of Little Planet images at a new location. Thanks. - Robert R.
NN6 EZ-Leveler II
I've just ordered the NN6 and RD10 rotator with the hope that the motorised system becomes available this year :) my NN3 has been heavily abused over the years but still working well lol - Anonimous
NN3 NN6 RD10
Chuck S. Portland OR. 
Hey Bill while you have heaps of products you've been very helpful in assisting me to make the right choice. I received the NN6 last week and even though you told there was no documentation on it you really don't need it. You do have some videos that helped but anyone familiar with basic panoramic heads will be able to mount and go. - Chuck S. Portland OR.

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