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Robert R. 
Just thought I would tell you how much I like the NN6. I switched camera and lens, and now use a Lumix G9 with an Olympus M. Zuiko Pro 8mm f/1.8 Diagonal Fisheye. The NN6 worked perfectly with my Nikon D810 and Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Diagonal Fisheye, but the Lumix/Olympus MFT kit gives me great quality at a huge savings in weight, with an articulating screen that lets me check at a glance that my feet are not in the picture! I am creating Little Planets from three rows, 6 pictures per row. Please take a quick look at one of my latest: {link}. My 2016 Hidden Trails printed to 40”x40” metal sold for top dollar at auction in April for the benefit of the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery {link}. I now have a studio at the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery for production and display of more Little Planets. I have just placed an order for an EZ-Leveler II, and look forward to integrating it into my work flow. When in the field, 10 minutes saved on a shot is a big deal, and gives me incentive to capture an extra set of Little Planet images at a new location. Thanks. - Robert R.
NN6 EZ-Leveler II
Giovanni - NY 
First of all I want to thank you for your kind and friendly advice in guiding my first steps in Panoramic photography. Then, I would like to express my appreciation for the highly professional quality of the Nodal Ninja System, the ease of use and the great design. As I told you over the phone, I upgraded to the 5L (+90 degrees detent rings) with a little regret. The NN3 MKII is just fabulous, lightweight and fits perfectly in my kit but unfortunately my current set up is a little too heavy, hence the necessary upgrade. I am glad I get to keep at least the EZ-Leveler II and I am looking forward to receiving the NN 5L to continue my panoramic activities. Thanks again for all your help. Very best regards, Giovanni - NY
vibes35 NN forum 
Sandal Ponds - Just a couple weeks ago I had the same exact question on my mind as you do. I think what really sealed the deal for me was looking through the forums and reading some of the great advice here. I actually plan on upgrading my camera so I went with the NN5 + rd16 + ez-leveler II setup. I promise you will not be disappointed. At first i did not plan on getting the ez - leveler II for cost reasons but I can tell you it is well worth it. I am very happy with the setup I have and amazed at the stability and ease of use! There are no con's in my mind on the decision I made! Sure it cost a little more but that will only prove a good decision down the road! Hope this helps! vibes35 NN forum
NN5 RD16 EZ-Leveler-II
Jeff Finkelstein 
EZ Leveler makes it really simple to micro-adjust and get 100% level Product: EZ Leveler II no Case (F3138) Posted By: Jeff Finkelstein - Customer Paradigm - I'm a bit of a control freak, and to use a ball head to level 100% can be difficult, especially when you have a large lens and camera on top that throws it all off. You try to get the bubble, but it keeps shifting. What I love about the EZ-Leveler II is that it's easy to micro-adjust the level, without having to worry about a ballhead slipping and moving. All you need to do is use your thumb to move one of the three dials, and you're all set. I've actually used this, with a ballhead on top of it, and found great results. (I've also not used the ballhead, and just used the tripod legs to level everything pretty closely, too.) The materials and build are outstanding. The whole piece has a solid feel to it. I've spent the $$ on a high - end DSLR, lenses, and a tripod, and this doesn't disappoint. This is now permanently attached to my tripod.
EZ-Leveler-II no Case F3138

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