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Using Nodal Ninja pano heads since 2008. Still using my unbreakable NN5 and my R10 with lot of satisfaction. Keep up the good work guys! - Guillaume G - FRANCEPANORAMA
pano head NN5 R10
Les M 
I learned my lesson after buying a cheap pano heap. Now the proud owner of an R10, R1 adjustable tilt and NN6. Now only ever buy NN products. - Les M
NN6 R1 R10
5 stars - Nodal Ninja EZ-Leveler-II - Efficient and easy to use By xact VERIFIED BUYER I got this to replace a ball head that I was using to do panoramic shots. I use it in conjunction with a Nodal Ninja R10. I like that it has such a low profile and allows me to make the fine tune adjustments I need to get the camera level. I put a Manfrotto RC2 quick release adapter on so I can quickly transition from panos to POIs using the same tripod.
Rich Lewis from New Jersey 
3 stars - Nodal Ninja R1/R10 Lens Ring for Canon EF 8-15mm f/4.0L Fisheye USM Lens - Not a Perfect Design But Works Great. About Me Pro Photographer. Verified Buyer. Whoever designed this concept of mounting the panorama head right to the lens did a great and not so great thing. The great thing is that the ring is specific to one lens so the nodal point is easily set. It also makes setting up a 360 panorama very easy. The down side is that the ring covers the AF/MF switch, Zoom Lock and Manual Focusing Scale. There is probably no better way to do this. If you leave this ring on the lens it increases the weight and makes it a little difficult to carry and store. Here is a tip. They recommend using tape to hold the inner ring on to the lens. My experience is that this is totally not necessary. Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. - By Rich Lewis from New Jersey

NN note - this lens ring is now available with viewing window as requested above.

R1/R10 Lens Ring
Google Inc. 
The simplicity and affordability of the R10 are some of the main drawing point for our photographers. Its hard to believe that you were able to make improvements on an already awesome product. - Google Inc.
Larry C. USA 
Google R10 Pkg (F0001) - Great precise product and great customer service! I had a specific question about the Google Pano heads and they took the time to answer my questions and concerns. Really excellent customer service! - Larry C. USA
pano head
DennisS - Panoguide Forum 
I have used the R10 for well over a year now and have shot hundreds of panoramas with it. The anodizing is wearing off. It has never let me down. The lens mounts in the exact same position over and over again. I like the lens ring clamp system so much that I adapted my pano head to use a ring mount and eliminate the upper arm (sort of). It is a great clamping system. - DennisS - Panoguide Forum
pano head R10
Morten Hartvig 
Works ad advertised Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Morten Hartvig - The only reason for 4 stars, instead of 5, is that the compass is tiny, and therefore not as precise as u expect a compass to be.
You guys Rock Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Nolan - so my review is more for your company than the product. The product is awesome and works great. But what made me really love you guys is that I had forgot to put part of my shipping address in when I ordered. So I called you guys up and left a message explaining my situation. The next day I got an email with everything corrected it was one of the best feelings knowing that you guys actually tried to make the customer happy. (especially after the horrible experience I had with Sigmaphoto). thanks you so much for the awesome support you guys have won a customer for life!!!
Good but could be better Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: N/A - this product works as advertised. It is smooth and well finished. However, it was iritating that I had to buy a separate base to get 60 degree click stops for my DX format camera instead of being able to use the one that came with the Ninja unit. they should tell you that 90 degree stops are good only for full frame and that you'll need to pony up another $90 for a pano base that works will all cameras. {Nodal Ninja reply: The Google Trusted photographer package has been created per Google's requirements and its workflow requirement of shooting 4-90 degree hemispheres. The option to shoot with a 60 degree rotator is an option outside Google's requirements and should not be viewed as a detriment to the entire package. Remember you purchased the GTP pkg - for people wanting to customize the setup it is recommended to purchase the R1 which gives you greatest flexibility. There is no added charge for swapping rotators}
Buen producto Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: N/A - Este producto ha sido diseٌado expresamente para fotَgrafos de confianza de Google, asي que hace todo lo que se espera de el. Es pequeٌo, ligero y bien acabado. Echo de menos que las instrucciones no estén en mلs idiomas, por ejemplo el espaٌol. Esto es algo que no le supone un gran sacrificio a la marca y sin duda, mejorarيa la experiencia de usuario para los compradores de habla no inglesa. Saludos
Works great for Google Business photography Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Andy - Very pleased with build quality, came completely assembled. Got stop insert designed for my lens in separate mailing. Instructions for use for Google are slightly off, best to use proprietary instructions from Google. Built - in compass & level are quite convenient, although small, and compass sometimes needs to be tapped to unstick needle. Light weight, easy to put in camera bag with lens attached.
Brian Carey 
Good unit. Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Brian Carey - Well built and does the job. I bought the unit for a Canon lens and got the Sigma instructions but fortunately the Canon instructions were online. Info could be better, I would like to know if you can adjust the 90 degree indents.

Reply from Nodal Ninja: Sure you can change out the detent ring - they are only $10.

Good build, loss of ability to see the focus mark a real problem. Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Frank - Was pleased by the simplicity of the design and build. Would it be possible to drill a view hole through the band to see where the focus point is on the lens.

Reply from Nodal Ninja - We now have Version 2 of this ring with window however Google recommends taping the lens focus barrel anyway so not really needed.

Excellent! Product: Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package (F6160) Posted By: N/A - The pano head is very well built, very precision made. It attaches and works flawlessly. I am so glad I chose this one.
pano head R10
Excellent Nodal Head Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Tony - The Ultimate R10 is smaller, lighter, and so much easier to use compared to other nodal heads I have used. Great purchase!!
Felip B. Gonzلlez 
A simple part that expands the usability of my R1 Product: Ultimate R1/R10 Plastic Insert for Lens Ring Clamp (F6111) Posted By: Felip B. Gonzلlez - It was a nice surprise to find out that by replacing the insert ring from my R1 I could use it with different fisheye lenses. The support team at Nodal Ninja was very helpful and now, with a little investment I can use the same gear with my two favorite fisheyes.
Ultimate R1/R10 Plastic Insert for Lens Ring Clamp F6249V
Great overall but weak details Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Fredrik - Build quality and function is great. Easy to put together and good instructions. The only thing to complain about is the compass, cant trust it at all. If i rotate the ball head the compass get stuck in some places and will not move until i give the tripod a shake. And yes its perfectly levelled before rotating.

Moderator note: The compass only needs to be used once to reference North on first shot. It does not need to move as you rotate the head. If you feel the compass is defective please return for replacement.

Bill Heller 
Rock Solid and easy to use Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Bill Heller - Like every Nodal Ninja product I've purchased (and there have been quite a few) the R10 is made to last. I got the ring for the Canon 8-15 and the stop to preset the exact nodal (or no parallax) point is very handy. Other than Google Trusted Photographer shoots, this will be used when I need to get a walking tour of an area including many scenes in an interior space. As opposed to a single multi - row high resolution panorama of an outside view, for which I would recommend one of the multi row NN heads like NN3 (which I have and use often) or Ultimate M, which I have not used, but looks like an amazing piece of equipment.
Jeff Finkelstein 
GTPs - this what you need to take 360 Panos Product: Google Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package(GTPPKG) Posted By: Jeff Finkelstein - Customer Paradigm - If you're reading this review, you're probably in the process of signing up for the GTP program. This is a pretty specific piece of gear for stitching together 360 degree panoramic photos with a fisheye lens. (I'm in the process of signing up to the GTP program, and the Ultimate R10 Static Tilt Head & Rotator Mini Package is amazing.) Bottom line: this is a really solid piece of gear. All metal construction, smooth action, and built for the professional photographer that will be using this in the real world. The built-in level and compass drastically simplify the setup process. The metal build is solid, and feels like it's going to last forever. If you're part of the GTP program, this is the one single piece of hardware that you need. Setting it up was really easy (even without reading the manual). The plastic insert makes it easy for the shoe to fit into the system at just the precise point. And I was never worried about the lens slipping off because everything was built for a professional. It's not a motorized panoramic system; rather it allows you to precisely position your camera for images, and then you rotate clockwise at 90 degree precise angles. Shipping was quick.

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