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Garrett B. USA 
I have used the NN3 rig for about 8 years now and had one of my past rigs customized to fit my camera and lens combo with help from your team and it was the quickest and easiest process! You knew exactly what I needed and even sent some free parts that I didn't know I needed that helped my lens fit the NN3. (It was a Tokina 12-24 and thicker at the nodal point than most… it worked wonderfully and I was able to grab it and click it into my ball head with quick release plates, always set and ready to go perfectly lined up! That rig was unfortunately stolen and I have been using an older NN3 that a friend donated but it is not set up as efficiently so I miss it everyday!! Even the older NN3 works solid after 8000+ properties shot on it! super great products! - Garrett B. USA
Google Inc. 
The simplicity and affordability of the R10 are some of the main drawing point for our photographers. Its hard to believe that you were able to make improvements on an already awesome product. - Google Inc.
Paco O. Mexico 
Hola, Nodal Ninja! I've actually been a happy Nodal Ninja user for almost a decade now. - Paco O. Mexico
Kerry T. USA 
Thank you Nodal Ninja, your rapid response and professionalism is much appreciated. Kind Regards - Kerry T. USA
Ron, Ontario Canada 
We really liked the first head we bought so we are buying more! - Cheers Ron, Ontario Canada
Thomas E. Brazil 
Bill! It's a pleasure to help you. Your products changed my life! - Thomas E. Brazil
Brian D 
I really liking the NN4 may need to investing a leveling head and one of that advanced rotators at some point but for now I could not be happier with it at this point. - Brian D
Andrew J. CA 
Thanks so much for the quick response, you guys have the BEST customer service in the business :) - Andrew J. CA
Bill H. 
Absolutely amazing piece of equipment (5 Stars) Just like everything I've purchased from Nodal Ninja and Fanotec. This is an amazing tool. It allows me to get some truly unique angles, and being a stable platform I can shoot long into the evening when other elevated options have to pack it in as soon as the exposure times get longer. Thanks Bill and Nick for your attention to detail and uncompromising quality! I'm always visiting the site to see what you've come up with next. (Can't wait to get my hands on that Pole 3 Extension!!) - Posted by Bill H.
Jerry S. 
Bill, Just received my order today with the ez leveler, Ultimate, etc. OMG! This head is a work of art. Solid, smooth, much, much, much better than the Manfrotto model! Thanks! - Jerry S.
Carlos Chegado, Photographer, Panedia.com 
Bill Bailey is a gentleman, a trustful business man that will go to great lengths to meet his clients needs and fulfill their all their requests. It's always a pleasure to deal with Bill Bailey and so far he has always met and exceeded my expectations. It is rare nowadays to find someone that you can talk to, make a verbal agreement and expect the person to fulfill it, Bill is such a person, if he tells you he is going to do something, he will, no matter what. Bill Bailey's company Nodal Ninja is second to none in the panoramic photography field regarding customer service, pre and post sales. I recommend Bill Bailey to everyone without any reservations. - Carlos Chegado, Photographer, Panedia.com
Greg Downing, President xRez Studio 
I wish everyone I have to buy equipment from was as knowledgeable and helpful as Bill. On more than one occasion he has bent over backwards to help us and contributed to the success we have had on projects. Additionally the products he is selling are outstanding. He is always listening to what customers have to say and making significant improvements. - Greg Downing, President xRez Studio
Alex Starns, Technical Program Manager at Google 
Bill is a pleasure to work with. He quickly understood our needs, offered creative and affordable solutions, and delivered results on time and with performance better than promised. His products are high-quality and well documented. - Alex Starns, Technical Program Manager at Google
Charles Armstrong, Product Manager at Google 
It's my pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Bill as one of the kindest and most influential professionals I've ever met in the panoramic photography industry. Given his drive to power the professional through both pano hardware and personal introductions, I count myself lucky to know Bill. - Charles Armstrong, Product Manager at Google
Andrey Ilyin, director at Pano360.ru 
I am reselling Nodal Ninja gear here in Russia almost from the very beginning of NN's creation. Can witness Bill's excellent communication and dedication to the quality service. Bill managed to form a great team of professionals - it is real pleasure to work with these guys. - Andrey Ilyin, director at Pano360.ru
Tony Veinberg, Senior Database Administrator at Datacom 
I had the pleasure of working with Bill whilst reselling the Nodal Ninja range in Australia. I found Bill to be helpful, courteous and always easy to deal with. One very professional person. And I still use Nodal Ninja products... they are the best. - Tony Veinberg, Senior Database Administrator at Datacom
Owner at 360Texas.com 
Over the last 5 years we at 360Texas.com have worked with Bill Bailey and his company. As a supplier he has supplied us with the proper photographic equipment so that we can complete high quality imaging products for our clients. His high caliber equipment has helped us complete our work on contract completion time and within budget. - Dave Albright, Co - Owner at 360Texas.com
Tom Lassiter, Telling your story with words and pictures. 
I'm a repeat customer for Bill's panoramic photography products, the Nodal Ninja brand. It's first-quality equipment that has served me well shooting panoramic images throughout the United States and abroad. Bill is a photographer himself, a strong proponent of 360-degree panoramas, and a hands-on guy who looks after his customers. - Tom Lassiter, Telling your story with words and pictures.
Jan Van Der Woning 
Photography Specialist in VR and 360 degrees panoramic imaging. I know Bill and his company for years. What strikes most is the service attitude Bill has. Always looking for solutions to make the VR and the panoramic industry better. Inventing new and better devices to produce a technical perfect panorama, high quality utensils and all for a fair price. I would like to recommend Bill and his company if you ever plan to start or improve your panoramic and/or vr work. - Jan Van Der Woning
Over the past 12 years, we've tried a lot of rotators and various panoramic lens and equipment from nearly every known manufacturer on the planet. I've never been truly "satisfied" with any of them up until I met Bill from Nodal Ninja.
Bartley Wilson, 360° Augmented Reality SaaS | Real Estate VR & Law Enforcement 
Their products are durable, reliable and affordable. We bundle Nodal Ninja products with our own VPiX® HTML 5 virtual tour software that we make here in Colorado. Our clients range love the 1-stop shopping and training convenience. We couldn't be happier. Thanks for the great service, Bill. Keep up the great work. - Bartley Wilson, 360° Augmented Reality SaaS | Real Estate VR & Law Enforcement
Thomas Erh, Fotografia Panorâmica, Panorâmicas interativas em 360؛, Tour Virtuais e Gigapixels. 
Bill Bailey is not only one of the most important person in the 360 VR industry, but he is also one of the most kind person too. Always listening to his clients needs and always looking for a way to help. I'm proud to use Nodal Ninja products! - Thomas Erh, Fotografia Panorâmica, Panorâmicas interativas em 360؛, Tour Virtuais e Gigapixels.
Carlton SooHoo, Commercial Photographer, Educator & Social Artist 
I use the Nodal Ninja for my Virtual Tour photography work. Bill is always a pleasure to speak with and I enjoy all the creativity put into new products. Bill is very committed to advancing the industry of 360-degree photography. - Carlton SooHoo, Commercial Photographer, Educator & Social Artist
Stoney Vintson, Software Development 
Bill provides great products with excellent customer service. His staff have excellent knowledge and will go the extra mile for you. Recently he expedited an overnight shipment on a part that I needed before leaving the country. I highly recommend Bill and Nodal Ninja. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with his company. - Stoney Vintson, Software Development

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