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5 stars - NN M2 w/ RD8-II Rotator - Best design at this time By Brock. I have worked with the Really Right Stuff panorama gear and the Nodal Ninja provides more functionality and at a lower total cost. In particular the ability to set the degrees of rotation and have a click mechanism is what sets it apart. I do not need to try to find 2.5 degree increments on a scale but can instead rely on the click to tell me when to take the next shot. This saves a lot of time and makes it easier to shoot in low light settings as well. The start and end tabs of the rotators also make it easy to have multi-row shots start and end at the same place. This is a well thought out piece of equipment by people who actually shoot panoramics. Lots of refinements that are not found on other pano setups that are in this price range. A small thing perhaps but I like that they provide a very good storage case for all the parts. With Really Right Stuff I had to buy a third part neoprene case that was expensive and not all that well designed for actual use in the field.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Quality. Well made Panoramic gear By Anthonyt VERIFIED BUYER. Quality made panoramic gear. Easily assembled and easy to use. Comes in a custom carrying case. I have been very impressed with this setup and would recommend it to anyone interested in taking serious panoramas.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Best Panoramic Kit Available!! By Mike. I use this with the Nikon D800E and the Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 G lens. I also have the MB-D12 Battery Grip. This is one of Nodal Ninja's top of the line Pano kits and is a must if you are shooting with large lens. The kit does come with a lot of spare parts, but I consider this a good thing. If you follow the guides on Nodal Ninja's website it is pretty straight forward to setup. You can also call or email them. They are very helpful if you get stuck. For this setup I needed the following to shoot landscape with my rig and get a full 360.
5 stars - I love the M1 - L with RD16 II By Cecil VERIFIED BUYER I got this product about a week ago and wow! Very well made, easy to use, easy to set up in the field, simple operation and excellent results. My panorama stitching is seamless. Really excellent designed product for the serious panoram pro!
M1-L RD16-II
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - awesome By bodywise VERIFIED BUYER. This is an awesome addition. Finally, you can shoot panos in rows with any lens. The click stops are poorly explained in the "documentation" but once figured out, is a snap. Click, click, click. I easily produced a vertical set pano 10 across in 3 rows. Using AutoPan (not PS), I produced a flawless pano with a 70 mm lens thus reducing barrel and lens distortion. Highly recommended. Highly crafted. Just beware that the "documentation" is non - existant. A sad commentary on a developing trend. "Just look it up." If you dig deep enough there are some good references.
Museum Photographer 
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Top Notch By Museum Photographer VERIFIED BUYER This thing is solid. if you're using a DSLR to create panos then you need a tripod head that won't budge unless you want it to. With the Nodal Ninja you're paying for that quality engineering. The Swiss Arca system is simple and effective and you will find an assortment of accessories for your needs.I am using the Nodal Ninja for creating 360 panoramas to be used in virtual tours. Put it on a sturdy heavy tripod and you will get the precision required to minimize stitching errors and correction time. Don't forget to order an adapter that fits your specific camera.It comes in a nice quality case, doesn't fit perfectly inside but it looks & feels good!
M1L w/RD16-II
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Nice and stable By twofun VERIFIED BUYER. Nice and stable product. you can take panorama without any problem.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Very fine piece of equipment By photoed VERIFIED BUYER. I was trying to get a wide view of home interiors with very little distortion. I have a Nikon 14-24mm lens that gives me more than an enough coverage but my clients complain about the distortion. So I bought this panoramic head hoping by stitching several images together so I could get a photo with very little distortion. I tried it every which way I could think of. It just didn't work out. I gave it 5 stars because its an incredible piece of equptment, very precise. If you get this you must get the Nodal Ninja Ez-Leveler - Ii it will save you tons of time.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Great piece great price. By Ben VERIFIED BUYER. I bought a cheaper panoramic head from competitor. I returned it because of build. I spent the extra coinage to purchase this from b&h. I'm glad I did. The build quality is amazing! I especially like the configuration option on the rotator piece. T this world perfect for my Nikon D810. I would highly recommend you buy this.
5 stars - NN M1L w/RD16-II - Finely crafted and versatile - a truly excellent head By R.L. This head's workmanship is about as good as it gets but, more importantly, it was designed to facilitate an efficient workflow for what is often a complicated process. There are less expensive options for similar heads, some which are quite well made, but this head's attention to operational detail sets it apart. It was clearly designed to actually shoot multi-shot images, rather than just sitting impressively atop a tripod. There are more expensive heads that are very well made but lack the practical functionality of this one. Short of a view camera, this head will hold about any camera you choose, but you'll need a solid tripod. Although it is possible to level the rotator with a ball head, its very awkward, especially with a camera mounted, so you'll want to add a leveling base (designs with three screws, like the Nodal Ninja one, make the process easier). The adjustable scales, with start and stop markers, allow precise setup and once everything is adjusted the actually process of shooting the photos is a no-brainer. I have used other heads where it's easy to lose track of where, in a multi-row sequence, you are. When you are shooting 3 or more rows, of 6 or more images each, it gets confusing, especially if each image is bracketed for HDR. This head all but eliminates that confusion. The RD-16 II rotator works very well for me, as I do not shoot many panos with very long lenses, and by adding an inexpensive dual ARCA clamp to the top rail you can go as wide as you like, including fisheye. After shooting hundreds of panos and mosaics I have found only two negatives with this head. First, it's expensive. Second, it's quite heavy. I don't see any way to avoid either. The weight of this head, plus the heavy tripod required to support it, precludes my carrying it on long hikes but I am willing to lug it a mile or two because it works so well. You will need to spend some time documenting setup positions for your specific body/lens combinations (I suggest carrying setup charts whenever you use this head) but once that's done setup is fast, easy and precise. If you are new to multi-shot images you'll need to invest considerable time in learning the various techniques and sadly, there is no single source that I know about for this. Reviewers often complain that pano heads don't include simple instructions (or any for that matter) for use. That's because use is NOT simple! If you are not mechanically inclined this stuff may be quite frustrating. It's not brain surgery but it requires specialized knowledge. In return, you can make high resolution images, independent of sensor and lens constraints, that can be printed huge.
M1L RD16-II pano head
2 stars - NN3 MKII - Nodal Ninja MK3 II By j05h VERIFIED BUYER. I used this head to shoot panoramas. It's inexpensive but takes tideous amount of work to keep it level throughout the whole range (360).

ADMIN NOTE: Just tighten lower rotator, level first shoot and you're good to go for the sequence of shots.

4 stars - Panoramic photos: reality and easy to use By JR VERIFIED BUYER. Rapid and easy to use to create very good panoramic photos.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - It works as advertised By Stephen.s1. VERIFIED BUYER It makes panoramas easy to do. No more guessing. This package has everything needed to attach your camera and make successful panoramic images.
5 stars - Nodal Ninja 3 a Superb Kit By Troy VERIFIED BUYER. What a superb kit. I use the NN3 MKII with an old Sigma DP1s (circa 5 mpix) to stitch together moderate to ultra-wide fields and increase megapixel depth for higher resolution. I typically end up with 15 to 30 megapixel stitches sorted out in a minute or two with the NN3 and DP1 (and this after ruthless cropping later). The notch settings on the pano guide allow me to preset the next stitch while the (slow) camera loads the RAW image to memory without me looking through the LCD. 10 to 30 frame stitches (and I'm sure more but I don't need larger) are really fast and easy, which is helpful if you're doing landscapes with quickly moving clouds. The build quality of the NN3 is flawless, break down and set up quick and easy. It's super light and a great match for the tiny DP1, a Hakuba carbon tripod, and a small Joby ball head. I leave the verticle assembly attached to the camera and pack it in my tiny camera bag. I leave the horizontal assembly on the tripod and ball head and pack the lot in the tripod bag. In practice, I haven't even noticed the weight difference. I'm totally happy.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - I'm convinced this is a critical tool. By Mlopez1007 VERIFIED BUYER. I've been doing panoramic photography for a short time, and I've been reluctant to plunk down a small chunk of money for a device like this, instead reverting to alternative ideas to make pans, i.e. fisheye lens adapters and lens rings. After my last road trip, and a few photographic epiphanies along that way, I decided to take the plunge and pick up this item. It's turned into a great investment. Using this device along with a simple point-and-shoot camera has taught me a ton more about shooting angles, no - parallax points, and just photography in general. It's also helped me understand better my camera's operational abilities and limitations. Do yourself a favor. If you are an aspiring panographer or just a typical spherical photography hack like me, plunk down the $[$]for this item, and also pick up a sturdy, headless tripod along for the ride. They'll both be worth the investment.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - Outstanding Product By Crosbydove. I have found nothing but good things to say about this product. Strong build with easy moving parts and a sharp design. I have photographed many panos with this. Stitching is perfect and very accurate with the degrees. Happy customer.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - Straight Shootin' By Mark VERIFIED BUYER. You don't need those other high-dollar fancy pano - tools. This bad boy is a plug and play adventure. Of course, you will need basic knowledge of how to find the nodal point. All in all, you will be pleased. One thing to consider: remember there is a bit of a limitation with lens size here. Think shorter/stocky lenses. Although I believe an extender can be added to help with this problem (extra accessory). Generally, you will not have a problem.
4 stars - NN3 MKII - Great Item By Boats VERIFIED BUYER. We currently have 40 to 50 cameras setup with the NN3 to take 360 degree photos. Pro: NN3 make it very easy to take the 6 pictures we need quickly and move on to the next location. Con: None that I can think of.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - Sturdy By Jon. Showed up quickly after ordering. It's sturdy and easy to use.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - Worked Fine First Time By DragonTom VERIFIED BUYER. I've used manual and several other pano products and never been able to get a good 360x180 pan of my living room. Tried the NN3 right out of the box and the pano software I use had absolutely no problems producing a good 360x180 pan with no editing (other than the tripod nadir). I'm sold. Now off the the churches and other places I've promised a pano to.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - No frills, gets the job done By Bryce. Easy to install and use. Definitely a great starting piece.
5 stars - NN3 MKII - No problems By Gwen. Quick delivery and exactly what I needed!
5 stars - Travel Pole - Fantastic portability and performance By Koh. This is by far the most versatile monopod I've owned. My favorite use for it is faking drone shots with a small remote-controlled 3 axis gimbal stabiliser (Zhiyun Rider M) attached to the top. The set - up is also an 8 foot jib that fits easily inside any normal backpack.
Travel Pole
Bradley. 9/13/17 
Rob, thank you so much! You guys make a great product and I appreciate your service. - Bradley. 9/13/17

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