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Dave M. 
5 Stars - The M2 Giga is an excellent pano head for heavy cameras and larger telephotos. I bought it to shoot cylindrical and flat panos using focal lengths beginning at 35mm. When you mount a lens around 100mm or more, the features of the M2 really begin to stand out, including that it’s rock solid. For instance, with a 200mm lens mounted on a full frame Canon, I elevate 7.5 degrees and rotate 5 degrees, moves that are positive and easy with this head. I think the M2 is faster and easier to use than a robotic head, but I’m assuming the photog in question already has pano experience. For example, to shoot a flat pano that covers, say 120 degrees FOV, looking at the viewfinder, I figure out what exposure I should use by moving to different parts of the scene to double check my exposure estimations (easy and fast with a manual head). I then move the camera to the left, right, top, and bottom to figure out what the limits are for this picture–moves that are also fast and direct with a manual head. After focusing, depending on the DOF of the lens that’s being used, I set the scale on the rotator to 0 for left-most rotator position (this is a great feature of the M2 head). That way I only have to remember one number at my far-right stop point. Depending on the pano head you’re currently using, you may have to convert the A and B distances for this head, since the scales don’t start at 0, as they do with the NN3 or NN5. Here’s a specific example that might help. On a NN5, the correct settings for a Canon 5DS with a 24-105 lens at 105 would be: A = 58, B = 66.5. The values for the same camera and lens on the M2 Giga would be A = 128, B = 96.5. For my setup, I add 70 to convert A from NN5 to M2 Giga and add 30 to the NN5 B distance for the M2 setting (I have the upper rail of the M2 starting at the 30mm mark on the scale). Here’s an example of a 1.5 gigapixel pano taken with this head, Canon 5DS, 200mm. The panorama will auto play for a bit over 3 minutes. Furthermore, this was shot on a cloudy winter day–the subject is the new arena where the Detroit Red Wings & Pistons play and downtown Detroit. I don’t work for Nodal Ninja and would not recommend anything if I didn’t think it was good, even if I had been foolish enough to buy it. http://bigdogpanos.com/html/mtroof013018B-10.html Here’s another auto play but taken with a 105mm: http://themasonic.com/evgal_arena.php - Dave M.
NN3 pano head NN5 M2 Giga
P360 Photography 
5 Stars - Odd hours makes ordering things to be posted a few days delayed but customer service is top notch and products are too. Good packaging and quick turnaround considering hours. - P360 Photography
Joel E. 
5 Stars - I own several pano heads from Acratech to Really Right Stuff but out of all my favorites have to be the Nodal Ninjas very accurate mounts and consistent results each time the i have a few of there models and love them all there poles are also really good i just got the Travel Pole and been very satisfied it works great with my R1. I usually get my stuff from B&H but i recently order an R20 direct from Nodal Ninja and some how the package got lost by the mail and they send me another right away amazing service and very attentive in the phone great customer service highly recommended. - Joel E.
pano head R1 R20
Mario M., Spain 
5 Stars - Marca nْmero 1 en rَtulas panorلmicas. La uso desde el aٌo 2008, tengo una muy buena parte de todo su catلlogo: rَtulas, mلstiles, accesorios, etc. Productos de gran duraciَn y con un precio muy favorable. La atenciَn de Bill Balley es excelente. - Mario M., Spain
Mark Z. 
5 Stars - Had a problem with pano head that I had for over 4 years. They fixed it, and I am a very happy photographer. Kudos to Nodal Ninja. - Mark Z.
pano head
Ken S 
Love the workmanship of the R1. It is a work of art. - Ken S
Ricardo M. 
5 Stars - The user didn't write a review, and has left just a rating. - Ricardo M.
Hi Thuy & Bill, We're in business! The manual was the missing link, as I put this together by looking at the picture and now understand the instrument much better. It's so easy. Okay, I'll continue watching the YouTube video's and practicing. Thank you so much! - Nodra
2 Stars - Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Panoramic Head With RD8-II Rotator. I have one problem with this head. The literature implies there are stops on both top and bottom rotators to set minimum and maximum rotation...ie 60 degrees or 90 degrees. There are no Stops, just indicators. This is a misrepresentation in my opinion. That said, the head is solid and well machined. Very usable, but be aware that there are no physical stops on the rotators. For their misrepresentation, I give Nodal Ninja only two stars.

Admin note: We apologize for the misinterpretation. When we say "click" stops our intention is not to imply "physical" stops. Also there are no stops on upper rotator which is stated on our website. You purchased from B&H which many times will shorten a product description leaving out valuable information to consumer. A quick call or email followup and we would have helped to you to better understand the product. And all pano heads come with a 30 day return policy.

pano head M2 RD8-II
Review provided by adorama.com 
5 stars - Excellent professional level product. This is a well thought-out product manufactured to high standards - fit and finish are excellent. It comes with extra screws and bits and pieces and the manufacturer backs their product well. The M2 with either this rotator or the other one (that offers more increments if you are doing portrait oriented work or long lens work) is a work-horse. - Review provided by adorama.com
I’ve shot Google Tour panoramas for each of AutoNations 300 car dealers one and a half times with a Nodal Ninja pano head. The old one still works, but I’m expanding the crew so we can do more simultaneously. Cheers - Ryan
pano head
4 Stars - NN3 MKII - Good fort production to tryptan pano Pano for bridge camera - By Serge VERIFIED BUYER
5 Stars - Nodal Ninja 3 a Superb Kit By Troy VERIFIED BUYER What a superb kit. I use the NN3 MKII with an old Sigma DP1s (circa 5 mpix) to stitch together moderate to ultra-wide fields and increase megapixel depth for higher resolution. I typically end up with 15 to 30 megapixel stitches sorted out in a minute or two with the NN3 and DP1 (and this after ruthless cropping later). The notch settings on the pano guide allow me to preset the next stitch while the (slow) camera loads the RAW image to memory without me looking through the LCD. 10 to 30 frame stitches (and I'm sure more but I don't need larger) are really fast and easy, which is helpful if you're doing landscapes with quickly moving clouds. The build quality of the NN3 is flawless, break down and set up quick and easy. It's super light and a great match for the tiny DP1, a Hakuba carbon tripod, and a small Joby ball head. I leave the vertical assembly attached to the camera and pack it in my tiny camera bag. I leave the horizontal assembly on the tripod and ball head and pack the lot in the tripod bag. In practice, I haven't even noticed the weight difference. I'm totally happy. - By Troy VERIFIED BUYER
5 Stars - Nodal Ninja Collapsible Carbon Fiber Travel Pole (9.6')-Fantastic portability and performance. This is by far the most versatile monopod I've owned. My favorite use for it is faking drone shots with a small remote-controlled 3 axis gimbal stabiliser (Zhiyun Rider M) attached to the top. The set-up is also an 8 foot jib that fits easily inside any normal backpack. - Koh
Travel Pole
mohamad e. 
5 Stars - Quick Release System - it is good for panorama 360x360 with ninja n4. - mohamad e.
Quick Release System NN4
Alan D. 
5 Stars - Quick Release Clamp - Works and fits great. I wish I had one of these sooner. The Nodal Ninja I had did not come with one. As a result I used it less often. Works and fits great. - Alan D.
Quick Release Clamp
A. Schoenfeldt 
5 Stars - Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Clamp Style Panoramic Tripod Head - fits Sigma 8mm f/3.5 and/or 15mm Nikon Lens - The company that makes this is so helpful. I ordered the nikon version and not the Canon version. My mistake. Nodal Ninja swapped out the parts at no cost to me. I use this for panoramas and it works perfectly. - A. Schoenfeldt
5 Stars - Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Clamp Style Panoramic Tripod Head - fits Sigma 8mm f/3.5 and/or 15mm Nikon Lens - Excellent product. After trying out 2 other pano heads, this one is the most convenient and produces flawless results. Everything seems to be made under very tight tolerances so it feels SOLID. I think the price is good for the quality. Quick to set up, easy to use. - A.H.
pano head R1
L. Stolz 
4 Stars - Ultimate M1 Series with RD16-II - This head is beautifully made and very well thought out. I shoot panos and mosaics fairly often and this head makes the process as easy as it can be. The machining is truly superb and it will certainly not a limiting factor for any photo but it's quite expensive. It is possible to put together a similar rig for much less money, using an assortment of rails and rotators from companies like Desmond, SunwayFoto and others, but the convenience of this design is superior. Although it may be overkill for single row panos, if you intend to shoot mosaics often this head will simplify the process compared to less comprehensive options. The horizontal rotator (RD-16) can be easily calibrated to a zero mark to start and end rows. Stacking rows for mosaics is also easy. I sometimes shoot 7 or 8 images per row in a 4 row mosaic, resulting in 32 or more images. Once the head (takes very little time) and camera (might take a bit more time) are set up, there is very little thought involved in shooting a pano or mosaic. The click stops and precision scales make it easy to shoot 32 or more images very quickly. Resulting in huge stitched images with vast numbers of pixels, this method works well for very large prints (wall size). Prints smaller then 24x36" may not benefit much and the hassle may outweigh the benefit. If you are shooting with very long lenses you may want to look into other options from Nodal Ninja but for typical focal lengths the RD-16 is a great option. If you are new to multi-shot images get ready for considerable work pre and post processing but the resulting images can be truly stunning. This is not the kind of rig you'll want to hike with for miles! For backcountry work I usually pare things down to a simple rotator and rail, which is much lighter. - L. Stolz
M1 RD16-II
Thomas O. 
Ultimate M1 Series with RD16-II - the best panoramic head that you can currently buy. I have been using this professionally for the last few years and there is nothing on the market that even comes close to ease of use. the click stops on the rotator are so great when shooting in low light or at night. You never need to frame the shot through the viewfinder, just rotate to the next click stop. you can check out my images shot with this on.  - Thomas O.
M1 RD16-II
Joe S. 
5 Stars - Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Clamp Style Panoramic Tripod Head - fits Nikkor 10.5mm Lens - Great VR production equipment! Finally found a compact system that produces quality VR production without a box full of equipment. I use this with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 15mm Fisheye. Great results in a simple, easy to transport system. - Joe S.
1 Star - Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt Ring Clamp Style Panoramic Tripod Head - fits Nikkor 10.5mm Lens - The product I ordered should be good. The product I got is totally different. Shogy on

Admin Note: Customer never contacted us to correct the mistake. When we learn we made a mistake we are super quick to respond.

mohamad e. 
5 Stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series - it is good for panorama 360x360 with ninja n4. - mohamad e.
Nadir Adapter NN3 NN4 NN5
5 Stars - Nadir Adapter for NN3/NN4/NN5 Series - Best brand on panoramic hardware. - Anonimous
Nadir Adapter NN3 NN4 NN5

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