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mohamad e. 
5 Stars - Quick Release System - it is good for panorama 360x360 with ninja n4. - mohamad e.
Quick Release System NN4
Autopano.net forum 
Well guys and girls.. My NN4 has arrived!!! I guess since I am the first in the world to officially receive one, this would be the first basic overview review of the New Nodal Ninja NN4... First impressions are always the best... Well, as I opened the box I was lost for words, except for the many ''Wow's''!! If I were to compare the NN3 to this New NN4 I would have to say there is no comparison. I am truly blown away. It is a beautiful thing..! The finish is really nice, perfect in fact. Nodal Ninja have certainly put a lot of thought into this New NN4 pano head... The Nadir Adapter for NN3 and NN5 series is a really nice thing too. It feels nice in the hand and works great, very precise clicks with great functionality. I guess the new name for this Nadir Adapter might be the Nadir Adapter for NN3, NN4 and NN5 series..... My NN4 with all the bells and whistles is now mounted on my tripod and looking fantastic. I guess I should be bouncing about the room like a spring bunny but to be honest I am feeling a bit tearful. Bill Bailey CEO of LLC dba Nodal Ninja has done a really nice thing for both me and John.. and baby too..!! He sent her a little rubber Ninja; she loves it!! And John and I do not have to fight over the Nodal Ninja coin either since Bill sent us two!! The NN4 is far better engineered than the NN3, it's thicker, stronger and when mounted onto of the RD-16 Rotor it's perfect. I am going to love using this NN4 pano head and I will look professional too. I love all the beautifully inserted cork bits. Although they have a function they also look good too, really nicely placed and finished off. Even the main plastic securing knobs are well finished with no sharp edges. The bubble leveller is clear and clean looking. The Quick Release System has a really nice fine marker for accurate placing. The Nadir setup stops are now metal, rather than the old plastic ones. I think that all of the hard work that has been put into this very fine tool will be appreciated by - Autopano.net forum
NN3 pano head NN5

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