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R20 - Great, thanks for the link Jason. I appreciate the positive support in going forward with this. I do think there are a lot of possibilities to make money with this and I’m looking forward to starting. - Anonimous
Joel E. 
5 Stars - I own several pano heads from Acratech to Really Right Stuff but out of all my favorites have to be the Nodal Ninjas very accurate mounts and consistent results each time the i have a few of there models and love them all there poles are also really good i just got the Travel Pole and been very satisfied it works great with my R1. I usually get my stuff from B&H but i recently order an R20 direct from Nodal Ninja and some how the package got lost by the mail and they send me another right away amazing service and very attentive in the phone great customer service highly recommended. - Joel E.
pano head R1 R20

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