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MECHA C1-E1 Single Axis Bundle

MECHA C1-E1 Single Axis Bundle
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Compact &
Large payload
& high torque
High-capacity battery
for full-day usage
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
remote control
AUX port
Ideal for mirrorless
to full-size DSLRs

Essential Not in the Box: Shutter Release Cable.

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Select Shutter Release Cables

Download Documents

All User Guides and Manuals
MECHA C1 Reference Card 
Mecha Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Rotator E1 and Controller C1 
MECHA C1 User's Guide 
MECHA IR Remote Commander & Receiver 
Remote Shutter Release Cable Compatibility List (compatible cameras) 



Instructions and Tips for MECHA Users PLAYLIST

Motorized Panoramic Head – The MECHA PLAYLIST

Mecha Bundled Solutions for R1, R20

The motorized MECHA E1 rotator will support up to 6.6bs (3kg), including the pano head above it. It is lightweight, quiet and power efficient. Together with a single axis Controller C1 (F9910), it automates the panning axis of supported Nodal Ninjas
Another set of E1 rotator and C1 controller can be added to motorize Nodal Ninja MK3 tilt axis for multi-row applications.

MECHA E1 is NOT recommended for larger Nodal Ninjas (NN6 and M Series) unless only a small camera and lens are used.

Essential Items NOT Included:

  • One Short Shutter Release Cable for Single-Axis MECHA

Recommended Accessories:

  • PC Sync Cable for Shutter Release Confirmation
  • Hot Shoe to PC Sync Adapter (for Cameras without PC Sync Port)

MECHA is compatible with cameras having a wired remote port. Use the Select Shutter Release Cables filter to check compatibility and choose the right cable for your camera.

MECHA can only trigger the camera. It acts like a typical remote shutter release. Auto exposure bracketing is done by the camera.

14-day money-back guarantee.

1-year factory warranty.

For product suggestions/concerns and support please visit our forum.


Bearing and gear are classified as consumables and not covered by warranty. Their lifetime have been thoroughly tested for the rated loads. Any wearing will be a result of long time overloading or misuse.

Simple Rotations – Single Axis MECHA

Simple Rotations 2 – MECHA Single Axis Automated Panoramic Tripod Head

MECHA Automated 360° Panoramic Tripod Head | Less than 2 MINUTES Box to Shoot

Been shooting many thousands of 360°s with your kit for well over a decade now. And over those years I've lost track of the amount of folk who ask - when I explain I shoot 360°s with a camera and fisheye lens - if the camera moves on its own. Mecha will FINALLY allow me to answer "well yes, it does!" :-D Thanks and keep up the great work!
Sounds like such a cool device! Although I love the NN3 setup I use now, the Mecha, once I dial in a couple of the presets, will make setup & shooting so much smoother, faster. I might take a few more panos that I would have bypassed before just because I was too lazy to go through the setup. Have I mentioned, SO cool?! - mb

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