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Single-Axis MECHA Controller C1

Single-Axis MECHA Controller C1
Fullscreen button
Compact and
Light Weight
  Built-in Battery
and Charger
  Battery for Full
Day Usage
  Ideal Companion for
R1/10/20 Pano Head
  2.4 GHz WiFi
Remote Control
   CAM Port for Focus
and Shutter Release
AUX Port
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Single-Axis MECHA Controller C1

  • SKU: F9910
  • Size: 71x38x41mm
  • Weight: 185g
  • UPC Code: 641378088384

No Shutter Release Cable Included.

Please order one for single-axis or dual-axis MECHA if you don't have one already. 

Get a cable for dual-axis when the controller is used for the tilt axis.  


MECHA Controller C1 Features:

  • Controlling one MECHA rotator.
  • Compact design with built-in battery and charger.
  • Ideal companion for R1/10/20 single row pano heads.
  • High capacity battery for full day usage (NCR18650GA, 7.2V, 3350mAh, 12Wh). 
  • Support USB power bank or regulated 5V 2A DC supply for continuous operation. 
  • 5 LED's to indicate the remaining battery capacity, button interaction and status feedback. 
  • 3 buttons to run presets stored in the memory, which can be configured via the web page interface. 
  • WiFi (2.4 GHz only) remote control from smartphones, tablets, PCs by using simple web page interface. 
  • Connection via a WiFi access point and remote control over the internet. 
  • Over-the-air firmware update. 
  • Linking and controlling 2 Controller C1s via WiFi for dual-axis operation (DAC mode).  
  • CAM port to trigger camera focus and shutter release. 
  • Support any camera with a wired remote release port.
  • Multipurpose AUX port for 
    1. commanding MECHA Start/Stop and other functions with a wired or wireless RF remote.
    2. commanding MECHA various functions with NN IR remote.
    3. triggering a camera with an IR remote emitter.
    4. camera shutter release confirmation. 

MECHA is compatible with cameras having a wired remote port. Use the camera filter to check compatibily and choose the right cable for your camera.
MECHA only triggers the camera. It acts like a typical remote shutter release. There is no communication with the camera.

14 day money back guarantee.

1 year factory warranty.

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