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Tripod Adapter for Travel Pole

Tripod Adapter for Travel Pole
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Product Variants3 

Tripod Adapter for Travel Pole: Upper and Lower Type B

Price: $59.96Save $25.00

  • SKU: F7306
  • UPC Code: 641378086632

Same as F7307+F7308

Below are individual compoents.


Tripod Adapter for Travel Pole: Upper Unit (Dia 24, D60)

Price: $24.98Save $10.00

  • SKU: F7307
  • UPC Code: 641378086649

Tripod Adapter for Travel Pole: Lower Unit Type B (Dia 32, D60)

Price: $34.98Save $15.00

  • SKU: F7308
  • UPC Code: 641378086656

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QRG – Tripod Adapter (Type B) on Pole 1 and Pole 2 
QRG – Tripod Adapter (Type A) on Pole 1 and Pole 2 

This is a small Type B adapter dedicated to Travel Pole. The center to center distance is 60mm instead of 75mm found in regular adapters. It works with tripods that have a top disk with 3/8” thread, and a center column with a diameter of 32mm, 28mm, 26mm, 25mm or 24mm.

The adapter spreads the bending torque over the length of the center column, greatly reducing the torque at the tripod top disk, rotator and pole base. It works with Fanotec advanced rotators, pole rotator, and Fanotec poles.

High-end tripods for photography are strong enough to support a long pole. Some people attempt to install a rotator and pole directly onto the tripod. This is very dangerous. Rotators and tripod center columns are designed to withstand vertical loading with minimal bending torque. With a long pole, the torque is increased 15 times or more. This can cause damage, without noticeable warning, to the tripod center column top disk, rotator and pole base and to the gears on top of the pole. Damage to equipment and potential injury to people in the area should be avoided at all costs.

As part of the pole systems, Fanotec has developed these low cost, lightweight and safe to use, tripod adapters for use with Fanotec rotators and poles.

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