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Rotator D3L (6.8.30) with EZ Leveler II

Rotator D3L (6.8.30) with EZ Leveler II
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Compact and light weight
350g and a height of 49.5 mm
Point pano head
in any direction
Stationary leveling
after each adjustment
Load limit
3.5kg (7 lbs)
Compatible with
NN3/4/5 and M series

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Rotator D3L (6.8.30) with EZ Leveler II

Rotator D3L (6.8.30) with EZ Leveler II


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Rotator D3L (RD3L) is a state of the art design from Fanotec - a compact precision rotator with EZ-Leveler-II built in.

Users can now adjust very fine leveling with loading of heavy gear on top. Unlike leveling using ball head or tripod legs, leveling remains stationary after each adjustment. No more need to compensate for the effect of loading. Maximum angle of adjustment is 5 degrees. Cases sold separately (uses same case as the EZ-Leveler-II F3137).

  • 3 selectable detent interval options 6-8-30 stops around (60, 45, and 12 degrees).
  • Detent interval can be changed in less than 3 seconds. By a simple flip of detent switches, detent interval setting can be changed from one to another on the fly.
  • Head Alignment Knob to point pano head in any direction.
  • Compact and light weight. This is probably the most compact and light weight rotator with leveling base built-in - a mere 350g and a minimum height of 49.5mm.


  • Advanced Rotator with build-in EZ-L
  • Screw Adapter 3/8 - 1/4 (F9208)

Technical Specifications:

  • The R-D3L Rotator:
    • Material = Anodized aluminum
    • Base Color = Non-glare black
    • Mounting threads = 3/8 inch
    • Maximum angle of adjustment = 5 degrees
    • Weight = 350g (12.4 oz)
    • Load Limit = 3.5kg (7 lbs)
    • Rotator diameter = 73mm
    • Leveler max diameter = 93mm
    • Height = 49.5mm
  • Demarcations (tic marks) on rotator include:
    • 5, 10 degree small tic marks
    • 20 degree large tic marks
    • 30 degree numerations (0, 30,60,90 etc)
  • 3 selectable degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
    • 12 (30 stops)
    • 45 (8 stops)
    • 60 (6 stops)

Note: heavier weight loads (3+lbs/1.5kgs) may see a slight lifting of level on opposite side of load which may effect leveling. Not recommended for use with heavier loading on nadir adapters.

Compatible with NN3/NN4/NN5.

Fanotec Rotator RD3L - How It Works

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Screw Adapter 3/8 - 1/4 US$5.00
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