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Nodal Ninja Mini for Smartphones

Nodal Ninja Mini for Smartphones
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Key Features

  • Fitting Large Range of Devices Supported by the Phone Holder
  • Compact (153x119x45 mm) and Lightweight (433 g / 15.3 oz with a Phone Holder Pro, 320 g / 11.3 oz without)
  • Extendable Vertical Rail to Allow Full Rotation and Smaller Nadir Footprint
  • Rigid Structure for Accurate and Reproducible Mounting of Devices
  • Upper Rotator with Precise 7.5° Detent Lock for Template Stitching
  • Built-in Rail Stops to Remember All NPP Adjustments, and to Allow Rapid Setup in Less Than 30 Seconds
  • Lower Rotator with 60°, 45°, 36° Detent Options (Changeable on the Fly), with Optional Dual Plunger Operation for 22.5° and 18° (F0163)
  • Lower Rotator with a Central 3/8” Threaded Socket (1/4” Adapter Supplied) and 2 Offset 1/4” Threaded Sockets
  • 7.5° Index Marking for Lower and Upper Rotators
  • Built-In Spirit Level for Leveling the First Shot
  • Support Load about 500 g / 17.6 oz – Perfect for Any Smartphone and Small Camera
  • CNC Precision Machined from Aluminum 6061-T6 with Hard Anodized Scratch-Resistant Finish
  • Hard-Shell Case with Adjustable Inner Flaps to Store Complete Unit with the Phone Holder
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Optional Multi-position Rail Stop to Remember Positions of 3 Lenses (F0164)
  • Optional Adapter for Landscape Orientation (F0169)
  • Optional Camera Mounting Plate for Smaller Cameras (F0177)
  • Optional Lens Alignment Tool (F0119) to Set NPP in a Breeze

Product Variants1 

Nodal Ninja Mini for Smartphones


  • SKU: F0168
  • Weight: 320 g / 11.3 oz
  • UPC Code: 641378093289


  • Nodal Ninja Mini with Phone Holder Adapter (F0168)
  • Hard-shell Case (F0166)
  • Dust plugs, Hex Key and Misc Spare

A phone holder is required for operation and is sold separately. Click on the Accessories tab below to order, or simply use the drop-down list below.

A phone hold is required for operation and is sold separately.

Add to Cart: a phone holder to complete the package.

Nodal Ninja Mini for Smartphones

Smartphones and smaller cameras have been continually improving in image quality and resolution. They have reached a point where many photographers are choosing to leave behind their DSLRs and heavier equipment in favor of capturing moments with their lighter-weight cameras and mobile devices.

There have been some homemade or 3D printed pano heads custom-made for a particular phone by various pano addicts. The interest by many has grown after seeing their works. As a market leader in panoramic equipment, Fanotec decided to take on the challenge of developing a universal pano head dedicated to smartphones and smaller cameras. After releasing adapters and phone holders for use with the regular Nodal Ninjas, Fanotec developed the Nodal Ninja Mini, infused with 20 years of enthusiasm in pano head designs.

The Nodal Ninja Mini enables photographers to harness the full potential of their smartphone cameras for shooting 360-degree panos. Using the wide-angle lens, they can easily produce panos with output resolution over 100 MP, much higher resolution than one-shot cameras can provide. Using the ultra wide-angle lens, the number of shots is reduced to 16, a very manageable amount, yet image quality still largely outperforms one-shot cameras.

With emerging mobile stitching software such as Bimostitch, stitching and publishing can be done on the go. Of course, the highest quality can be obtained by stitching in desktop programs with just a few clicks thanks to accurate No-Parallax-Point alignment mechanism and robust build quality.

The Nodal Ninja Mini also comes with an optional camera mounting plate for small cameras weighing about half a kilogram. Some of them have the same image quality as the full-size DSLRs.

Nodal Ninja Mini paired with a smartphone or a small camera strikes the perfect balance between image quality and portability. The whole unit can be stowed in a zippered hard-shell case, weighing just about 500g (1.1lb).

Introduction and basic setup of the Nodal Ninja Mini with Smartphone Adapter

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