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RS-1 No Lower Rotator

RS-1 No Lower Rotator
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RS-1 No Lower Rotator


  • SKU: F9701
  • UPC Code: 641378087387

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Level: Amatuer.

Features: Acra-swiss Lens Ring Clamp, small, repeatable results, fits to lens not camera.

Uses: 360x180 Spherical Panoramas.

Cameras: N/A - fit based on lens.

Lenses: Fisheye 4.5mm to 17mm.

Introducing the new Nodal Ninja Ring Mount Spherical Pano Head

Our single-row lens ring mount pano heads, Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1/R10 have become a great success since their release. They have become the obvious choice for a ultra compact and light weight setup for users of circular or cropped circular fisheye lens which has an angle of view close to or above 180 deg vertically or horizontally. However, for full frame fisheye users, their application is restricted to scenes with easy to patch zenith (top) and nadir (down) shots, due to their single row nature. The patching also requires higher skills in stitching and post processing.

Nodal Ninja RS1 is a multi-row ring mount spherical pano head to companion R1/R10 for lens ring mount users. It allows zenith and nadir shots at the NPP (No-Parallax-Point) and makes stitching of multi-row pano an easy job.

Lens ring mounts have NPP settings independent of the camera bodies making the sharing and verification of NPP setting a much easier task.

The NN RS-1 shares many parts and specifications of Nodal Ninja 3II. It incorporates shorter lower rail that fits Rotator Mini or Rotator D4/ D5 and its upper rotator incorporates an Arca-Swiss style clamp.


Lower Rail

Vertial Rail

Upper Rotator with Arca Style Clamp


Lens ring and lower rotator sold separately.


Steve Daniels, St. Petersburg, FL 
RS-1 Perfect for my needs Product: NN RS-1 No Lower Rotator (F9701) Posted By: Steve Daniels, St. Petersburg, FL - I have a heavy-duty panoramic bracket from another manufacturer that I am perfectly happy with, but found that using it with my Nikon D90 and 10.5mm fisheye lens for spherical panos showed too many bolts and rails. I contacted Bill Bailey about ordering either a NN 3 MKII, or an RS-1 with ring mount. Bill suggested the RS-1 as being perfect for my equipment, so I ordered it. Upon receiving the RS-1 and assembling it, it looks even smaller than on the website. Attaching the camera and lens and setting the adjustments took less than five minutes, and I shot the first 360 with it. It stitched perfectly the first time. Autopano showed an RMS of 1.25 (Excellent). I am extremely happy with the purchase, and would strongly recommend the RS - 1 to anyone who uses a compact DSLR with the Nikon 10.5mm lens.

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