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Conversion tool kit for Samyang 7.5mm with Fuji X-Mount

Conversion tool kit for Samyang 7.5mm with Fuji X-Mount
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Conversion tool kit for Samyang 7.5mm with Fuji X-Mount

Conversion tool kit for Samyang 7.5mm with Fuji X-Mount


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Samyang 7.5mm F3.5 fisheye is a sharp full frame (180-degree diagonal angle of view) fisheye, originally made for Micro Four Thirds (M43) system. It requires 5–6 shots around plus top and bottom shots to complete a spherical panorama. It is found that when adapted to a camera with APS-C (larger) sensor, it will give a 180 degree coverage along the width of image sensor with high sensor area utilization and high image quality. Only 4 shots around are necessary to complete a spherical panorama. It is very small and light-weight. Together with a matching pano head such as Nodal Ninja R1 and R10, it is the ideal portable set up for making a quick single row spherical panorama.

Due to small differences in flange distances between M43 and target cameras, a good adapter is not possible. Besides, the original lens hood will also need to be "shaved" to remove blockage of the lens angle of view. In the spirit of "We Try Harder", Fanotec offers an easy to use complete conversion tool kit for Fujifilm X-Mount

This kit includes:

  • Samyang 7.5mm replacement mount (Fujifilm X-Mount) with rear cap
  • Replacement hood with removal tool
  • LF-2 lens foot and LRP35 lens plate
  • Assorted tools for easy conversion

The replacement mount allows the lens foot to be installed at positions so that the camera sensor is either portrait, landscape or with diagonal aligned vertically.

Important: Issue of using the X-mount conversion kit on R1 and R10.

Current Fujifilm X-series camera bodies are very tall on the left side of the lens. They prevent the lens plate to be set at the NPP for regular R10, and R1 beyond 5 deg tilt. Either a much taller foot or a new shorter QR clamp for R10 is needed to overcome this issue. The tall foot may be too bulky for many people and contradicts the aim for a more compact setup. A shorter QR clamp (QRC-30) has been made to solve this issue for R10. During purchase of a new R10, customers can ask for swap of the stock R10 QRC-35 with QRC-30. Old R10 users can purchase QRC-30 at a reduced price. For R1, it is limited up to 5 deg tilt, which is enough to give good overlap at the zenith. It is not possible to overcome the issue without building an R2.

Settings for Samyang 7.5mm X-mount converted:

  • R1 4 Shots Around
    • 0 deg LRP value 1.7
    • 5 deg LRP value 1.05
    • 7.5 deg LRP value 0.8
  • R10 4 Shots Around
    • 7.5 deg LRP value 0.35, use the line 1cm apart to read the value at 1.35
  • R20 4 Shots Around
    • 7.5 deg LRP value 0.85, use the line 1cm apart to read the value at 1.85

Note: in order to use this NPP setting, a new QRC-30 is needed for R10.

Note: It is reported that the Fujifilm X-T1 is not compatible with R1 at 5 deg tilt. It is only compatible at 0 deg or negative tilt.

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