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R Series Parts

Bubble Level and Compass for Rotator Mini's US$14.95
SKU: F6235Bubble Level and Compass for Rotator Mini'sAdd to Cart
Plastic Insert for Lens Ring V2 for Sigma 8mm & 15mm Nikon & Pentax Mount US$15.00
SKU: F6452-2Plastic Insert for Lens Ring V2 for Sigma 8mm & 15mm Nikon & Pentax MountAdd to Cart
Pole Adapter Kit US$10.00
SKU: F6138Pole Adapter KitAdd to Cart
Quick Mount Mini AdapterUS$7.50 – US$39.95
Quick Mount Mini AdapterView All
R1 Tilt Screw US$10.00
SKU: F6110R1 Tilt ScrewAdd to Cart
R1 Zenith / Nadir AdapterUS$7.50 – US$45.00
R1 Zenith / Nadir AdapterView All
R10 14mm extension US$10.00
SKU: F9715R10 14mm extensionAdd to Cart
R10 Arca Swiss Style Clamp US$40.00
SKU: F6139R10 Arca Swiss Style ClampAdd to Cart
R10 Base Mount US$20.00
SKU: F6140R10 Base MountAdd to Cart
R10 Vertical RailUS$10.00
R10 Vertical RailView All
Rotator Mini Bubble Level US$5.00
SKU: F6234Rotator Mini Bubble LevelAdd to Cart
Tripod Center Column Lock RingUS$5.00 – US$15.00
Tripod Center Column Lock RingView All

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