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MECHA User Interface (UI) Basics – Presets | Shoot 360° Panoramas Automatically

In this video, we are going to talk about how to launch a preset using the MECHA User Interface and how to create and save your own presets for panoramic photography. First, watch the videos on accessing the MECHA's User Interface using a smartphone or computer, then come back to this video. 
Click the [Info] button when you need more information about the controls available in the User Interface.
The list next to the Info button contains options to set the UI complexity level. The letter A stands for ADVANCED, and S, for SIMPLE.
In the Preset list, there are factory presets ready to use for different types of panoramas. Note that some factory presets contain the terms "parked", "level" or "raised" in their name. In dual-axis applications, the upper rail of the pano head must be in one of these positions when launching a preset.
Let's launch "TEST1312 Parked". Select the preset, then load it by clicking the [Load] button.
Position the upper rail in the parked position using the arrow buttons on the controller.
To execute the loaded preset, either click the UI [LEFT] button if you want it to be executed to the left, or the [RIGHT] button to be executed to the right.
There will be 12 shots around, 3 rows: one at a tilt of 0° (no tilt), one at +45°, and one at -45°, plus zenith and nadir.
You can use the [PAUSE] button if you need a temporary pause during the execution of the preset, then use the same button to continue.
Both the [STOP] button in the User Interface and the power button on the controller can be used as an emergency stop if needed.
"TEST 1312 Parked" is a factory preset and you can't overwrite it. Instead, you can use it as a template to create your own preset.
Instead of 12 shots you can select the desired number from the list, or you can specify the focal length through the custom option, and MECHA will generate a ready-to-use script for that focal length.
Notice how the rotation angle changes according to the number of shots, so that if we multiply the two values, the result is 360°.
TRG is the number of camera triggerings in each position.
AF — Autofocus. Select MF from the list if you use manual focus on your camera.
W — the pause for camera wake-up.
B — the pause before a set of images.
M — the modifier of exposure. 1 means no change in exposure.
E — in short, E is the Exposure. Normally, you set the exposure on your camera. This is the Duration of the shutter button signal, and the value should be at least equal to the exposure set on the camera, or higher.
A — the delay after each bracketing sequence or individual image.
Next is the rotation angle between two consecutive positions in a sequence, specified for [N x LEFT] or [N x RIGHT] button. It is updated automatically when the number of Shots is changed. However, if the rotation angle is changed, the number of Shots does not change. Use this feature when you want to take a certain number of shots, not an entire panorama. Specify this number in the [x N] field, and execute the sequence with the [N x LEFT] or [N x RIGHT] button.
Wait and Rewind tell MECHA to wait after the last shot, or to rewind to the initial position. Rewind is useful if there are cables attached, or for partial panorama and time-lapse.
Repeat is the delay until the shooting sequence will be repeated automatically.
Scripted — the script that describes the preset, and MECHA automatically creates it (the MSS script or the MECHA Simple Scripting).
Please note that the script can be edited and takes priority over the settings we have talked about so far, without changing them.

6 RPM — this is the speed in revolutions per minute.
uStep — micro-stepping value, simple or combined; for example, different values for accelerated and constant speed regions.
Now let's change some settings and save the preset with a different name.
For example, 8 shots instead of 12, a delay of 2 seconds after each shot, Rewind instead of Wait, and also, 8 shots instead of 12 in the script, as the script takes priority over the other settings.
Click the Save button to save the preset.
A preset for dual-axis applications can be executed by MECHA Single Axis as well. In this case, MECHA signals that you need to manually tilt the pano head and continue executing the preset only after you tilt the pano head.

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