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Access the User Interface on Your Computer – MECHA DAC and Single Axis Controller

To be able to access MECHA's User Interface on your computer, your computer and MECHA must be connected to the same wireless network, and MECHA must be set in STA mode.
Assuming your computer is already connected to a wireless network,
you first need to use a smartphone to access the User Interface. 

You know from another video that MECHA needs to be in AP mode to be able to connect your smartphone to its network.
So power on the lower MECHA, and when the top LEDs flash like a split light, press either 1, to set MECHA in AP mode, or 3, to set MECHA in AP+STA mode, as in this video.
Then power on the other MECHA, in case of MECHA Dual Axis Combo.

On your smartphone, tap Settings icon and make sure Wi-Fi is turned on, then tap Wi-Fi.
Tap the nettwork that contains "MECHA" in its name to connect the smartphone to MECHA.
Enter the password for MECHA’s network, if necessary. The default password is "12345678".

Now MECHA’s User Interface can be accessed on the smartphone’s browser at

Access the /config page.
If you are prompted for a username and password, the default ones are "admin" and "Mecha".
Then tap the [Connect to Wi-Fi] button.
Select the name of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, tap the [Connect] button, and make sure you enter the correct password.
Then tap the Ok button and confirm page reload.

If you know that the targeted Wi-Fi is not in range, or you want to cancel for some reasons, press the power button. Otherwise, wait for the page to reload.

Next time you need to connect to this network (for example, if MECHA is in AP mode), you can use the stored password.

Go back to the /config page using the browser's back button and find the IP address you need to access the User Interface on your computer.

Refresh the page, and note the static IP address, and next to it, the dynamic IP address. In our example, it is

The dynamic IP address is displayed on /config page only when MECHA is in STA or AP+STA mode.

To simplify accessing the User Interface, you can set the AP+STA mode as default.
Also, set the dynamic IP as static. Enter the dynamic IP address in the "Static IP" field, then click the [Apply] button. You should hear a beep if the beeps are not turned off.

So next time you need to access the User Interface on your computer, just power on MECHA as usual, enter the IP in the browser address bar and press the Enter key.

Access the /config page as usual, and so on.

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