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Using a Smartphone to Access the MECHA User Interface for Dual Axis and Single Axis Controllers

To access MECHA's User Interface, you need a device with an internet browser, or you can use your computer as well.
In this video, we are going to show you how to access the User Interface using a smartphone.
First, power on MECHA by long pressing the power button.

To be able to connect your smartphone to MECHA’s network, MECHA must be in AP mode. So, when the top LEDs of the lower MECHA flash like a split light, press 1 to make sure MECHA is set in AP mode.

Then power on the other MECHA.

Step 2.
Tap the Settings icon on your device.
Under Wireless and Networks, make sure Wi-Fi is turned on, then tap Wi-Fi.
Tap the network that contains "MECHA" in its name to connect the smartphone to MECHA.
The default password for MECHA’s network is 12345678.
Enter the password and tap the Connect button.
Confirm keeping the Wi-Fi connection, if necessary.
Tap the go button.

And step 3.
Now MECHA’s User Interface can be accessed on the smartphone’s browser at (which is a static IP address).
So this is how you access MECHA's User Interface with a smartphone.

To change the existing settings, you can access the "config" page.
Tap the [Config] button, then enter the username and password required to access this page. The default ones are "admin" and "Mecha".
Tap the sign-in link.

Here you can set a certain mode as default, and you can change all passwords.
Enter zero in the BEEP field to turn off beeping sounds.

MECHA can be set to turn off while charging to charge faster, or it can be set to stay on to be able to use it as usual.

If necessary, set the lower rotator you are using.
If you select AUTO, the rotator will be detected automatically.

Check the "Use Nodal Ninja IR Remote" checkbox to be able to use the remote control.

Finally, press the [Apply] button to save the new settings. You should hear a beep if the beeps are not turned off.

Now let's take a look at the Row page, which is similar to the Ring page.

When using the User Interface, you can display all or only some of the controls. To see them all, select A3 from the select list next to the [info] button, which is the highest level of complexity for the UI.

S means Simple, and A – Advanced.

To launch a preset, select it from the Presets list, then tap the Load button to load it. Make sure the upper rail is in the required position.
Tap the LEFT button to execute the preset to the left, or RIGHT button to execute the preset to the right.

On this page, you can create new presets.
For example, you can specify a focal length in the SHOTS field (select the "Custom" option), tap ok, and MECHA automatically creates a script for that focal length.
Save the preset using the save button. Enter a name and tap ok.

MECHA User's Guide

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