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FACTORY RESET – Restoring MECHA C1 to Factory Settings

In this video, we are going to show you how to restore your MECHA C1 to factory settings. 

Power on MECHA by long-pressing the power button. 

After powering on, we recommend that you access the MECHA's User Interface and export your presets, so that you can import them later, if necessary.

The factory reset code is "231231231<", and you need to enter it twice. 

Step 1 

Enter this code using the controller buttons, and notice that MECHA displays the entered code on the LEDs located beneath the battery symbol. Now it's time to make sure you have entered the correct code. 

If the code is not correct, press the power button to cancel, then enter the code again. 

If it is correct, press the left arrow button to continue. 

MECHA then informs you that you need to enter this code one more time, lighting a green LED at the top and a red LED at the bottom of the battery symbol. 

Step 2 

Enter the code, then check that it is correct, exactly as in step 1. Next, press the left arrow button. 

Step 3 

The last step is to press the power button when its LED starts flashing. It will only flash for 10 seconds, so be sure to press the power button during this time, otherwise the procedure is cancelled automatically.

Now just wait for the factory reset procedure to finish. It takes 40 seconds. No further action is needed, MECHA will restart automatically. 

In MECHA DAC, we have two C1 controllers, so the factory reset procedure must be performed on each controller separately, and you can start with either controller. 

We will start with the horizontal C1 controller (horizontal MECHA). 

Enter the code, check it, then press the left arrow button. 

Enter the code one more time. 

Then press the power button when its LED starts flashing. 

After that, power on the vertical C1 controller (vertical MECHA) and repeat the reset procedure to factory settings. 

Note that the two units will no longer be paired after this procedure. We will put a link to a video on how to pair two MECHAs, in the description below.

Automatic Pairing – MECHA Dual Axis Combo

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