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Nodal Ninja 6 Panoramic Tripod Head for Panoramas and Landscapes

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Level: Amateur - Pro.
Lenses: 8-200mm.
Cameras: DSLR's, + Medium Format
Features: Upper Rotator 7.5° stops or free rotation
Popular Uses: Landscape, High Resolution, HDR

After researching and developing superior mechanical panoramic hardware for a decade, Fanotec is now pushing the envelope by incorporating robotic components to the design. A range of products developed from the ground up together with the robotic developments will replace some of the legacy products.

Nodal Ninja 6 (NN6) is the successor to Nodal Ninja 4 and Nodal Ninja 5, and is the first model that is compatible with the coming motorized rotator, capable of transforming into a 2-axis fully automatic pan/ tilt head with diverse functions.

It is also the first low cost ALL CNC machined panoramic head in the product line. We carefully examined the Ultimate line and listened to end user feedback to optimize these newer designs. By reducing the number of quick release components, overall cost is much reduced. The NN6's will have quality standards very similar to the Ultimate line incorporating hard anodized coating.

NN6 Features:
Forward design allows for upcoming robotic attachments.
Built in nadir Adapter.
Compact upper rotator with precise 7.5 degrees detent lock (positive stops) which can be disabled on the fly by simple turning of a lever to allow free rotation and locking at arbitrary angle. A legendary design in NN5, now with double the number of locking positions doubling the maximum focal length.
Supporting up to 200mm equivalent focal length (camera in portrait orientation) with detent lock (higher focal lengths possible with free rotation).
New anti-twisting camera mounting plate that mounts to the camera by using an easy to grip, glove friendly knob. No tools needed.
Arca Swiss compatible rails allow use of QR clamps and other compatible accessories.
Supports most DSLRs with or without battery grip.
Come standard with custom made Advanced Rotator D10 (RD10) as default. Compact, lightweight with 10 detent options ranging from 90 to 5 degrees which are easily changed on the fly.
Compatible with other advanced rotators.
Optional Quick Release Nadir Adapter that combines the function of quick release and nadir adapter, for rapid mounting / dismounting the vertical assembly and effortlessly taking clean nadir shot (down shot).
Weight load limit 7.7 lb (3.5kg) with RD10.

Features of the NEW Advanced Rotator D10
Many people have requested a rotator that has the size of advanced Rotator D5 but with more detent options. Advanced Rotator D10 is the answer. It achieves the best balance of size and versatility.

Compact, lightweight with 10 detent options ranging from 90 to 5 degrees that can be changed on the fly. Suitable for fisheye, wide angle and telephoto lenses up to 200mm equivalent focal length with camera in portrait orientation.
10 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
5 (72 stops)*
7.5 (48 stops)*
10 (36 stops)
15 (24 stops)
18 (20 stops)*
30 (12 stops)*
36 (10 stops)
45 (8 stops)*
60 (6 stops)
90 (4 stops)
*Requires dual detent plungers.

Weight: 2.02lbs (920g)
Lower rail: 200mm
Upper and vertical rail: 190mm

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