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360 Degree Panoramic Image Projections Including Little Planets

 A slide show of static 360 Degree Panoramic Image Projections. Best viewed full screen in 4K. Shout out to Josh Sommers for providing all the images in this video. He first created full spherical 360 degree panoramas using his Nodal Ninja panoramic head. After the 360 image is created it is exported as an equirectangular flat image with 2:1 ratio. Through the use of 3rd party software such as Garden Gnome, PTGui, or Photoshop, the user is able to let their creative expressions run free. Some common types of projections include Little Planets (Tiny Planets), Stereographic, Mercator, Transverse Cylindrical, Circular, Vedutismo, and more. Samples in this presentation include buildings, landscapes, bridges, archways, people, and even animals (watch for the Zebra and Long Horn Steer). We get a very different perspective of the world around us. A very subjective and artistic expression process that appeals to many.

Meet the Artist - Josh Sommers
Prints and other items from Josh can be purchased
at http://joshsommers.smugmug.com
or http://joshsommers.imagekind.com.
To see his complete body of work, check out

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