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Shoot Horizontal 360° Panoramas with Nodal Ninja Pole and Automated MECHA Single or Dual Axis Heads

Shoot Horizontal 360° Panoramas with Nodal Ninja Pole and Automated MECHA Single or Dual Axis Heads.
New accessories (Tripod Adapter and 2 L Brackets) along with any Nodal Ninja Pole, now allow for stable configurations enabling photographers to shoot horizontal panoramas with their existing tripods. This setup shows how the setup works using the Mecha robotic head, however, other configurations are possible with standard panoramic tripod heads as well. Shoot 360° vehicle interiors.

See how our customers shoot car interior pano with our pole and MECHA.

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Parts in use with compatible alternatives:
1 Upper Tripod Adapter (F7311L/ F7314L/ F7323L/ F7326L)
2 Nodal Ninja L Brackets for Pole (F7334 & F7335)
1 M6 Female to 3/8" Male Thread Adapter (F9201) for direct mounting F7335 to pole base.
1 Nodal Ninja Carbon Fiber Pole (F7100/ F7105/ F7110 or just the upper/ lower unit)
Single Axis MECHA w. R1/ R20 (F9905-1/ F9905-2)
Dual Axis MECHA with Controller (F9906-5/ F9920/ F9921/ F9922/ F99230)
2 standard tripods with 3/8" thread mount. 1/4" thread mount will work with 3/8" to 1/4" thread adapter.

Transcript for this video
In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to configure a Nodal NInja Pole horizontally which will allow a user to shoot panoramas with the pole and mount parallel with the ground. We'll be using a Nodal Ninja Pole with 1 Tripod Adapter, 2 Nodal Ninja L brackets, and 2 standard tripods. And for the pano head configuration, we'll use the Automated MECHA single-axis rotator with the R1, and also the dual-axis MECHA. The parts used in this video are listed below.
Step 1: Tighten the tripod adapter onto the Nodal Ninja L bracket securely.
Step 2: Mount the Tripod Adapter L bracket to the top of the tripod and tighten.
Step 3: Mount the second Nodal Ninja L bracket securely onto the second tripod.
Step 4: With the 2 tripods spaced approximately 3 feet, or 1m apart, slide the base of the pole, through the tripod adapter so it meets up with the second "L" bracket. You may need to fine-tune the height of the second tripod so that the pole is parallel with the ground.
Step 5: Secure the base of the pole to the L bracket and tighten securely using the L Bracket tightening knob
Step 6: Tighten the Tripod Adapter clamp using the knob on the clamp.
Step 7: We will now mount the single-axis automated MECHA rotator, with the affixed Nodal Ninja R1, onto the opposite side which is the top portion of the pole, and tighten securely. Next, mount the camera with lens onto the R-1 and securely tighten using the Arca-swiss clamp tightening knob.
When using the Dual-axis MECHA, mount the lower rotator with rail assembly first, directly onto the top of the pole, then tighten. Now, mount the upper MECHA rotator with controller assembly, to the lower assembly unit.
Please know that there are other configurations as well using standard panoramic tripod heads.

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