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MECHA, the Best Companion for Your R1

A MECHA Rotator together with a MECHA Controller can rotate and trigger anything that can benefit from a controlled movement. They can be cameras or lights mounted on top, a turntable holding objects to be photographed or filmed, a slider etc.
MECHA Rotator E1 with Single Axis Controller C1 is an ideal lightweight combo to automate the panning axis of Nodal Ninja R1 and camera shutter release triggering.
It eliminates common human errors including: 
• Tripod movement due to excessive force, slippery floor or carpet movement.
• Shaking during exposure due to pressing the shutter button.
• Excessive or missed shots which can render the whole pano useless.
• Excessive time delay between shots and moves.
It greatly increases the productivity of virtual tour photographers. Many have reported time saving of 40-50% on site. Not to mention the time to fix arising stitching errors due to above human errors.

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