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User Interface (UI) Preset for Any Focal Length using MECHA Dual Axis Combo (DAC)

This video is about creating a preset for any focal length using the MECHA Dual Axis Combo User Interface. Firmware version 02290. 
So access the User Interface on your device or computer.
Select A3 for the interface complexity level, so you can see all the controls.
Click the info button to find out more about the User Interface controls.

Then select a preset from the Presets list;
for example, TEST 131, and use the Load button to load it.
You can use this preset, or another, as a template to create your own preset.

Instead of the number of shots, select the CUSTOM option and enter the focal length for which you want to create the preset, for example, 35mm.
Click the OK button and notice that MECHA has already created a script for this focal length.

SP stands for "parked starting position" or "Start Parked", so make sure the upper rail is in the Parked position before you start shooting.
The other two possible starting positions are Level (L) and Raised (R).

There will be 5 rows, two zenith shots and two nadir shots.
You can edit this script created automatically by MECHA.
Maybe you only need one nadir shot, or you don't need any.

If your camera is set to take a series of photos by a single press of the shutter, then select 1 TRG.
The same for a single photo.
Otherwise specify or select the desired number of camera triggerings from the list.

Instead of specifying the exposure, you can choose the "E:Btn CT" option (button confirmation), for example.
This means that, after the first photo or sequence of photos is taken, you have to press the right arrow button of the controller to continue.
As a result, the value of parameter E is computed by MECHA.

Another solution would be to specify an exposure of 0.25 seconds, for example, and a higher value for the parameter A so that the whole sequence of photos can be taken during this time.

Save the preset using the SAVE button.
Enter a new name for this preset and click the OK button.
The Info field can be left blank.
Click the OK button and notice that the preset is displayed in the Presets list.

Now you can click either the LEFT or RIGHT button to start shooting.

If you've selected a button confirmation option, now be prepared to press the right arrow button immediately after the first photo or set of photos is taken.

There are
13 shots or positions on the middle row,
then 12 shots at a tilt of -37 degrees,
8 shots at a tilt of -75 degrees,
12 shots at a tilt of +37 degrees,
8 shots at a tilt of +75 degrees,
2 zenith shots, and 2 nadir shots.

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