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Ultimate M Series Out of the Case Quick Assembly

When you receive your Ultimate M Series 1 or 2 Series pano head many of the parts are already assembled for you. Here we show you how to assemble the head quickly right from the case.
Fanotec's Ultimate M Series Modular Panoramic Tripod Heads
Strongest, "Repeatable Results", Arca Style Modular Design, Upper Rotator Lock Stops (M1)
Popular Uses: Landscape, City scapes, Gigapixels, Commercial, HDR 
Level of Experience: Semi Pro - Pro
Cameras: DSLR's, Medium Format, some Large Format
Lenses: Portrait mode up to 400mm - Landscape mode up to 750mm
For more information visit: https://www.fanotec.com/cat/panoramic-hardware/19/m-series/18

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