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Script for 2 Focal Lengths – Dual Axis MECHA

MECHA script for shooting a spherical panorama using 50 mm and 24 mm lenses or focal lengths:

Let's explain the MSS script above (MECHA Simple Scripting): 
SL: start position → level
12x19: at 12° → 19 shots
-12x19: at -12°→ 19 shots
P: pause to change the lens or focal length
-50x10: at -50°→ 10 shots
50x10: at 50° → 10 shots
ZZ: 2 Zenith shots 90° apart
NN: 2 Nadir shots 90° apart

Select the Scripted option from the Mode list on the Row page and
enter the above script in the displayed text box.
For example, use [Save 1] button to assign the preset to MECHA's [1] button.
Since the preset is assigned to the [1] button, you can start shooting
using the [1] and [LEFT ARROW] buttons.

During Pause (P), change the lens or focal length, then press the [LEFT ARROW] button to continue.

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