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Simple Rotations 2 – MECHA Single Axis Automated Panoramic Tripod Head

Simple rotations using the MECHA Single Axis Automated Panoramic Tripod Head.

For continuous left rotation, press and hold the left arrow button. 

The rotational speed when a button is held down can be set on the /config page. Set it to zero to be able to make very precise alignments using the controller buttons.

For continuous right rotation, press and hold the right arrow button.

If, for some reasons, you want to reverse the direction of horizontal simple rotations, you can use the 2 3 1 3 code.
So press 2 3 1 3, then the left arrow button.
The top LED under the battery symbol should turn green, and the bottom LED, red.
After this change, for example, the right arrow button will rotate the system to the left, and the left arrow button, to the right.

Please note that this code does not change the rotation of the motor.
Use the same code to cancel this change.

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