Nodal Ninja Panoramic Photography Equipment
Years since 2004




NN5 / NN5L - What's the Difference

Nodal Ninja uses a unique locking mechanism that allows for a positive lock at any 15 degrees of rotation, The NN5L does not incorporate this feature. When the level is to the left (as you are looking at it) it is in the lock ready position. Loosen upper rotator knob approx 1 full turn and rotate to any 15 degree position and lock. Always hold the camera when loosening the upper rotator. The locking feature can be disengaged easily by loosening the upper rotator knob and sliding level to the right. After you place the new detent into position tighten the set screw with hex key. Reassemble the rotator and screw the upper rotator knob securely but not excessively tight. Tighten the detent plunger knob all the way down to

ensure good click stops. Do NOT over tighten. 

NN5L supports 15lbs (7.5kgs)

NN5 supports 22lbs (12kgs) with lock stop engaged

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