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MECHA C2 Preset for 35mm Focal Length, Panorama 360x180, 25% Overlap

In this video, we are going to show you how to create a preset for a 35 mm focal length, using the Preset Menu of the MECHA C2 controller.

Power MECHA ON by pressing and holding the power button for about 3 seconds.

In the Preset Menu, use the arrow buttons to navigate to an empty option.

Press the plus button to enter edit mode and create a preset in the selected option.

If the flashing value is not millimeter, press the up arrow button a few times, until millimeter (mm) is displayed.

"sh" stands for number of shots, and "AUTO" is a setting for automatic shooting pattern (explained in another video).

Using the minus or plus button, adjust the value to 35 mm. 

Holding down the plus or minus button tells MECHA to speed up the adjustment.

You can change other settings in the preset, if needed.

Use the down or up arrow button to display the next set of settings.

Finally, confirm the adjustments using the center button, and the preset will be saved as well.

Now you can launch the preset as usual, by pressing the center button and specifying the direction of rotation (with the right or left arrow button), if not already specified in your preset.

Then wait for MECHA to perform the preset.

The rotational speed (in revolutions per minute), can be set when creating the preset.

Here is how the stitched panorama should look like in the panorama editor, and this is the MAP featuring the overlap between images.


Link to an archive containing the PTGui map and template files, and the virtual images used in this video, together with the MECHA mps file, for free download:

Download link
Password: Mecha

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