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How To Make Multi-Row Spherical 360° Panoramas Using ONE MECHA Single Axis Rotator

A motorized MECHA rotator together with a single axis Controller C1 can automate the panning axis of supported Nodal Ninja panoheads. 
Another set of one motorized rotator and one C1 controller can be added to motorize the tilt axis of the panohead for multi-row applications.
This is what we call a MECHA Dual Axis Combo or MECHA DAC. You can actually use the MECHA C2 instead, which is our dedicated dual axis controller.

So with one set of a motorized rotator and C1 controller, if you need to shoot a multi-row panorama, you will have to manually tilt the upper rail of the panohead.

In today's video, we will use the preset "TEST 1312 Parked", which consists of 3 rows (12 shots per row): one at a tilt of 0°, one at +45°, and one at -45°, plus one zenith and one nadir shot, starting from the parked position.

"Parked" means that the upper rail should be oriented vertically down when launching the preset using a dual-axis MECHA. But in this video, we are going to show you how to shoot a multi-row spherical panorama using a single-axis MECHA.

This is a preset for an 18mm lens, which will produce a field of view on a crop sensor camera similar to what a 29mm lens would do on a full frame camera.
The exposure set on your camera should be no greater than 1.25 seconds for this preset to work as expected.
This is a Factory preset and can be launched by pressing the buttons 1, 3, 1, 2, on the controller, then press either the right or left arrow button to specify the direction of rotation.

Nothing is happening yet because MECHA is waiting for you to manually rotate the upper rail to the required tilt for the first row.
The two green LEDs mean a pause, and one green LED at the top and one red LED at the bottom means zero, which is the tilt for the first row.
So make sure the upper rail is in the horizontal position, then continue by pressing the right arrow button.

There will be a pause each time you need to manually tilt the upper rail of the panohead, and MECHA waits and does not continue until you confirm (with the right arrow button) that you have tilted the upper rail as required.

If you need to switch to step-by-step mode for some reasons, press the left arrow button, then advance one position at a time by pressing the right arrow button. Press the left arrow button again to switch to normal mode.
Press the power button to cancel the preset, if necessary.

For more details on this preset, on MECHA's User Interface, Row page, select the preset from the list and use the Load button to load it.
Notice the start position (parked), the three rows, and the zenith and nadir shots. This script can be modified and the preset saved with a different name, if necessary.
You can create a special preset for your camera and lens using the Custom option in the SHOTS list.
Enter the focal length in millimeters (the full frame equivalent, as required), then confirm by clicking the OK button.

For a 50mm focal length, MECHA creates a script that starts with SL - start position Level (because that's how we set it in the configuration page), then 14 shots on the first row at a tilt of 56°, 18 shots on the second row at a tilt of 28°, and so on.
For example, if you save this preset using the SAVE1 button, the preset will be assigned to the "1" button on the controller, which means you can launch it by pressing this button and then, quickly, one of the arrow buttons to specify the direction of rotation.

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