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How to Level Your Camera and Panorama Head Using EZ-Leveler II Tripod Leveling Base

How to level your camera and panorama head using EZ-Leveler II Tripod leveling base. Tripod leveling made easy. If you're shooting 360 panoramas, high resolution photography, landscape photography, cityscapes or anything the more work you can do at the shoot the less work you'll need to do in post-production. The second generation EZ-Leveler-II panoramic head is a must-have photography accessory for photography. Manually adjust your tripod head and camera for a perfect level. Makes for easier stitching of panoramic images and less editing to straightness uneven horizons in your photograph. A must-have photography accessory!  

* 2nd Generation as noted by the blue anodized knurled adjustment screws.
* 10kg (22lb) max weight loading
* Smooth rotation of adjustment screws
* Head Alignment adjustment screws to point tripod head in any direction
* Small, light, and made with CNC precision
* Comes in a nice hard shelled foam lined zippered case (available without a case as well)

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