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How to Mount a Lens Ring onto the R Series Panorama Tripod Heads

How to mount a lens ring onto the R series panorama tripod heads. Popular with Google Street View or Google Business Photos - this is a how to mount a Nodal Ninja Fisheye Lens Clamp to quickly Shoot 360° Panoramic Photography
If you're shooting single row panoramas or full 360°x180° spherical panoramas both our R series heads (most popular) or M series heads allow for the acra-swiss lens mounting clamps. These specially designed lens clamps mount directly and securely onto the barrel of a wide angle lens. This has been a recommended  product by Google for Business Photos Trusted Photographers since 2012 .

In this video Jason gives you visual and explains some of the general points in how to properly mount our lens ring clamp onto the barrel of your lens. We current support over 50 different lenses - mostly all super-wide angle.
For list of all supported lens rings visit:

For the finer points and specifics it is ALWAYS recommended to reference the "manufacturers" quick reference guides.

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