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Motorized Mecha Head with Turntable for Shooting 360° VR Product Photography

The Automated Mecha Rotator E1 w/Controller C1 can be used for shooting objects to create a virtual reality experience. Also known as 360 Product Photography. Tethered to a DSLR and mounted to a turntable the Mecha user can shoot at any custom interval down to 1° or 360 shots per revolution. The finer the increment the smoother the interactive object spins when users interact with it. Mecha also allows for bracketing to produce stunning HDR images. And you can set up delays between exposures if more time is needed with longer exposures or with extended bracketing. 
Or you can set Mecha to spin continually at varying speeds and simply place the video showing all sides of the object on your website.
And of course Mecha and shoot single-axis 360° panoramas and high-resolution landscape photography.

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