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Setting the Rotators Using C2’s Menu

Power on MECHA and wait until it reaches the idle status.
For the correct execution of movements and rotations, MECHA needs to know which type of rotators it is connected to.

Normally, you don't need to set the rotators, because they are set correctly at the factory.
But in case you bought them separately, or you just want to make sure that the rotators you use are set correctly, here's how to proceed.

If SIMPLE MODE is ON, just press the menu button to switch to Config Menu.
Rotator options are on page 7, so navigate to page 7 using the left or right arrow button.

ROTATOR 1 is normally the lower rotator.
Press the plus button to enter edit mode.
Press a few times either the plus or minus button, until the type of rotator you are using is displayed.

If you do not know what type of rotator you are using, choose AUTO.
Confirm your choice by pressing the center button.

Now press the down arrow button to select the next option, which is ROTATOR 2.
Rotator 2 is normally the upper rotator.
Set ROTATOR 2 the same way you set ROTATOR 1, and confirm by pressing the center button.

When you choose AUTO, MECHA automatically detects the type of rotator used.
Press the power button and notice the rotators in the upper left corner of the display, alternating with the battery symbol.

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