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MECHA's Focus Setting for some Sony Cameras

Today in this video we will talk about triggering some Sony cameras by using MECHA.
Normally, any camera can be triggered by MECHA. However, some Sony cameras cannot be triggered unless a focus signal is also sent.
If your Sony camera cannot be triggered by MECHA, here is what you can do.
Set a short Auto-Focus signal - for example, 0.01s - even if your Sony camera is set to manual focus.
Another thing you can do is select the MF (manual focus) option, which currently causes a short focus signal to be sent as well.
If you do not want a focus signal to be sent at all for some reason, then you need to set the Auto-Focus to zero.
Let's set it back to 0.01s, and save the preset with a different name.
Remember that the Fixed Settings on the Configuration page have priority over the preset settings on the Row page.
So, alternatively, you can set the Auto-Focus to 0.01s on the Configuration page,
which means that the focus signal is forced regardless of the focus set in presets.
Save the new settings by clicking the Apply button.
Now let's go back to the Row page.
Notice that the value is displayed on a gray background, which means that this preset setting is not taken into account, but the one set on the Configuration page.
In our example, the two values ​​are equal, but we can load another preset, where the Auto-Focus is set to zero, for example.
In this case too, the preset Auto-Focus is ignored, and the Auto-Focus set on the Configuration page is applied.

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