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Bulb Mode Exposure Bracketing Using MECHA | Shoot 360 Panoramas Automatically

Shoot 360 Panoramas Automatically with the Mecha. Versatile and fully customizable. Attaches to any tripod and most cameras. 

In exposure bracketing, the same image is captured at different exposures, and the number of exposures can be unlimited when using MECHA. But for MECHA to control the exposure, you need to set your camera to Bulb mode.
Then access the MECHA's User Interface using your computer or smartphone, as we have already shown in other videos,
then select a preset, for example, TEST 131, which is a factory preset,
and load it using the Load button.
These are the settings of the loaded preset. Notice 6 Shots around,
1 camera triggering (TRG) for each position, and 0.25 seconds for the duration of the shutter button signal.

When a large number of exposures is needed, both for panoramic and regular photography, you can specify this number in the TRG field. Use the Custom option or select the desired option from the list. Let's say 7.

When specifying the exposure, consider that this number (in seconds) will be changed by the value ​​you will specify in the Modifier field, and the final value should be at least 0.5 seconds. For simplicity's sake, we are choosing 1 second.

The Modifier of exposure, as the name implies, can be used to change the exposure, and the change is made by multiplying the exposure value by the modifier value.
Therefore 1 is a neutral value, which never changes the exposure.

Since the TRG is 7, you have to specify a list of 7 values via the Custom option, for example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, using comma as a separator. This is just an example, you can specify any values ​​that best suits your needs.
Enter the letter B at the beginning of the string, because you are using your camera’s Bulb mode, then click the OK button.

The exposure for the first photo in a set will be 1 multiplied by 1, that is 1 second,
for the next photo: 1 multiplied by 2, that is 2 seconds,
for the third photo: 1 multiplied by 3, that is 3 seconds,
and so on,
for the seventh photo in the set, the exposure will be 1 multiplied by 7, 7 seconds.

Click the Save button to save your new preset. Give it a name - enter a power code at the beginning of the preset name to be able to launch it using the controller buttons as well - then click the OK button.

When you only need a set of photos, click the SHOOT button.
Then look at the feedback status area and notice the remaining seconds for each photo in the set.

To shoot the entire panorama (which is cylindrical in this case), use either the LEFT or RIGHT button.
First set of images – position 1.
There will be 6 sets of 7 images, 60 degrees apart.
Set 2 – position 2, and so on.
Thank you for watching!

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