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M2 Gigapixel Gimbal Arm Panoramic Head Shoot GIGAPIXEL High-Resolution AND Wildlife Photography

Nodal Ninja M2 Gigapixel GIMBAL Arm Panoramic Head Shoot GIGALPIXEL High-Resolution AND Wildlife Photography. 
The only Panoramic Gigapixel Head & Gimbal Head combination. The interchange between shooting landscape panoramas and wildlife photography whole in the field. A Gigapan alternative, no batteries requires. Using this Gimbal Head users can photograph fast-moving wildlife. Imagine shooting a super high-resolution panorama of landscape and an animal walks into your scene - quickly release the click stops swing and capture the animal, then simply re-engage the click stops and continue shooting your scenic panorama.
Timeline events:
0:00 - Start
1:00 - Full Assembly in Under 1 Minute.
1:45 - Setup as High-resolution Panoramic Head with stops.
2:13 - Setting up as Free-Wheeling 2 Axis Gimbal Head
2:31 - Breakdown of each part
2:32 - RD8-II lower rotator and all the knobs
3:07 - How to tighten or loosen the tension on the RD8-II detent plunger knobs.
3:55 - 8 different detent options explained.
5:09 - Explaining the arca-swiss clamp on top of the RD8-II rotator
5:23 - RD8-II adjustable indexing ring
6:09 - Setting up the lower rail with stop
6:38 - Using the arca-swiss stop plate
7:33 - How the Vertical Assembly is placed on the lower rail
7:55 - The Blue Plunger Levers on the back of the Giga Plate
8:31 - The Giga Plate Adjustable Stops
9:50 - What exactly is a "Drag Preset"?
10:27 - Adjustable Upper Rotator Indexing Ring and setting up for left or righthanded use.
11:17 - Installing the upper acra-swiss rail onto the vertical assembly.
11:40 - Installing the camera body on the upper rail.
12:00 - The M2 Giga Magnifying Glass with built-in light for the upper rotator index ring.
12:33 - Subscribe, Notify, Like, and please comment.

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