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High Resolution Composite Image of Montezuma Castle an Arizona Monument

One of Arizona Monuments - a High Resolution Composite Image of Montezuma Castle and the cliff dwellings. A photo consisting of 50 separately stitched images. Total file size 620mb made possible using Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod equipment.

Located about a 1.5-hour drive north
of Phoenix Arizona. Here you'll find one 
of the best preserved Indian cliff dwellings
in North America. The castle was built and
used by the Pre-Columbian Sinagua people
circa 700AD. The Hopi Indians and some
Navajos can also trace their roots to
immigrants from the area. Some tribe members
return on occasion to the site for religious

The castle is likened to a 20 room 5 level
high-rise apartment which is built into a
limestone cliff, and tells of 1,000-year-old
story of survival by the Sinagua people living
in the harsh desert environment.

At the peak of their civilization! it was estimated
close to 5,000 Sinagua populated the Verde Valley.
100's of years later the Sinagua people abandoned
the area, reasons of which are still unknown today.
Due to vandalism, and people stealing artifacts,
the interior of the dwelling is no longer accessible.

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