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Tip for Repeatability when Working with Stitching Templates for Gigapixel Panoramas

For a stitching template, repeatability is important.

If a template has the following positions: 
0, 5.5, 10.4, 15.3 ...
it is good for photos taken 5° apart
if MECHA always produces the positions
0, 5.5, 10.4, 15.3 ... at every run.

Suppose you want the best precision/repeatability
your MECHA can offer, to use your stitching templates.
What else can further improve that?

The green gear in the video gives the orientation of MECHA.

After each 360° degree rotation,
the relevant internal moving parts of E2
- the two big gears - are in the same position.

For E1, even if only the last gear
is in the same position after a 360° rotation,
having the same start will result in better repeatability.

Thus, having the same start position for MECHA relative to tripod,
will help in cancelling any small variation from the perfection
of those internal gears, which can affect the use of the template.

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