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How to Shoot a Full 360x180 Full Spherical Panorama with the NN6 Panoramic Tripod Head

This is a cad animation showing how to shoot a full 360x180 full spherical panorama with the NN6 panoramic tripod head. Advanced Rotator with click stops in action.
NN6 Series: 
Level: Amateur - Pro.
Lenses: 8-200mm.
Cameras: DSLR's, + Medium Format
Features: Upper Rotator 7.5° stops or free rotation
Popular Uses: Landscape, High Resolution, HDR

You can use this video as a reference for the NN3 MK3 as well. The NN6 is like a big brother to the NN3 MK3 and very similar in design and function.

Here is the link to this product - Nodal Ninja 6 with Nadir Adapter and lower rotator D10 (F6002):

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