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MECHA Automated 360° Panoramic Tripod Head | Less than 2 MINUTES Box to Shoot

Unboxing to shooting the first image in under 2 minutes. The Automated Mecha is ready to go out of the box. Partially charged and preconfigured with 3 factory presets. Attach camera and cables, press preset #1, and Mecha will begin firing off 4 shots around at 90° intervals. 
The user can easily customize each preset through browser-based controller via WiFi. Set your desired workflow such as bracketing for stunning HDR images. You can also set up delays between exposures if more time is needed with longer exposures or with extended bracketing. Shoot Time-lapse photography or 360 videos as with Stop motion Animations. You also shoot turntable object VR.
The motorized Mecha is a single axis 360° programmable rotator for different types of photography.

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