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Check the Battery Level and Set Low Battery Warnings – MECHA C2

Let's see how to check the battery level and set low battery warnings. 

Power on MECHA pressing the power button for 3 to 5 seconds.
If the display is not showing anything,
the battery may be completely discharged, and needs to be replaced.
So replace the battery, and power on MECHA again.

Long press is needed only when the device is powered on and off.

When MECHA reaches idle status,
press the power button and notice the battery percentage shown on the display.
The battery symbol is shown in the upper left corner of the display
alternating with the rotators in use.

Use the power button to exit.

Using the Config Menu, you can set a minimum value for the battery voltage,
so you will be warned when the voltage is close to, or drops below, the set minimum value (Battery min).

In Config Menu, find the BATT WARNING AT... option,
and adjust the flashing value using the minus and plus buttons.
Hold down the desired button to speed up the adjustment.

It is required to use a fully charged battery when making this setting.

12 volts may be fine in most cases, or check the technical specifications of the battery used.
Confirm the adjustment using the center button.

Why fully charge the battery before this adjustment?
This is because when you set the Battery min in Config Menu,
MECHA detects the current battery voltage and automatically sets it as Battery MAX
to be able to compute the percentage.

For a voltage close to Battery min, you will see the BATTERY warning shown on the display.
The warning can be canceled with the minus button.

Another warning will be shown when the battery reaches Battery min or 0%.

Then there will be no more warnings and, if you continue to use MECHA,
be aware that the battery will turn off by itself when it reaches a certain voltage.

MECHA C2 User's Guide

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