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Assigning a Preset to a MECHA Button in the UI – MECHA DAC

Firmware version 02290. 
The purpose of assigning a preset to a button is to be able to execute the preset at any time later without accessing the User Interface (UI).
To do that, you need to access the User Interface with either a computer or a device such as a phone or tablet.

1. On the Row page, select your preset from the Presets list and click the UI Load button to load it.

2. Click the UI Save1 button to assign the current preset to the 1 button of MECHA.
To assign the current preset to the 2 button of MECHA, press the UI Save2 button. Similarly for 3.

3. To execute a preset assigned to a button,
power on MECHA DAC, and make sure the upper rail is in the correct position,
then press the button to which the preset is assigned
and either the left or right button to specify the direction of rotation.

While the preset is running, if necessary,
press the left button for about one second to enter pause mode,
then either press the right button to continue in step-by-step mode
or press the left button to continue normally.
Press the power button to cancel.

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