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How to Change the Detent Ring on the Rotator Mini

Our rotator mini is very small and lightweight. It is used on our R10/R20 Google Street View heads as well on the Nodal Ninja 3 MK3. A detent ring is pre-installed on the Rotator Mini. But if you later decide you would like to change click stops swapping out rings is easy.
Available Rotator Mini (RM) Rings:
RM3 - 120° stops 
RM5 - 72° stops
RM6 - 60° stops
RM8 - 45° stops
RM10 - 36° stops
RM12 - 30° stops
RM14 - 25.7° stops
RM20 - 18° stops
RM24 - 15° stops
RM30 - 12° stops
RM36 - 10° stops

Rotator Mini V2 (F1235):

Nodal Ninja 3 MK3 w/Mini Rotator Pkg (F3300):

Rotator Mini Detent Ring V2:

Alternatively you can order the pano head with the D10 advanced rotator. Changing click stops on fly only takes seconds.

Advanced Rotator D10 (F1140):

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