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Carbon Fiber Aerial Poles for Panoramic Photography and Videos. Travel Poles Poles Series 2 and 3

Here we talk a little about our Carbon Fiber Poles and how you might use them.
We have 3 primary sets of Poles
1) Travel Pole collapses down to 19" (50cm) and extends to 9.6' (2.9m) item# F7201
2) Pole Series 2 collapses down to 3.8' (118cm) and extends to 19.5' (6m) item# F7105
3) Pole Series 3 collapses down to 5.6' (172cm) and extends to 30.4' (9.3m) item# F7110

These lightweight sturdy aerial photography poles will raise your photography to new heights. And you are not limited to only cameras, you could shoot using GoPro's or small videos cameras, Thetas etc.

Some uses include:
Real Estate elevated images
Bird Nest Inspection
Long Distance Lookout
and much much more....

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